How Do I - Verify my account

Who does this apply to?

  • Full Access Members, Partners and State Owners.

Full Access Members, Partners and State Owners

From time to time, you may receive an email asking you to reconfirm your email address. This is to help ensure that you still have access to your nominated email.

  1. Find the email you received from GovTEAMS requesting that you Verify your GovTEAMS account. 

    If you can’t find this email, can log in to your GovTEAMS Dashboard. If your membership is inactive, the reactivate account screen will display. Click Resend link. Note: If your email address has changed, click Has your email address changed? to enter your new address.

  2. Open the email and select Confirm email address.
  3. In the browser window that opens, select Click here to confirm email address.


Video: Verify Account - Members (no audio)

Downloadable Resources:

Verify or reactivate your account


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What happens if I don’t verify?

You have 14 days to confirm your email address from the time you receive the initial email.  After this time, your GovTEAMS account will be made inactive. Your account will be on hold and you won’t be able to access the dashboard or any Office 365 apps until you complete the verification process.

Don't worry, you can reactivate at any time and can pick up right were left off. Your profile information, files, chats, and community memberships are still in the system. To reactivate your account, just follow the process above.

What happens if I’m a Full Access Member and I’ve moved to another department/my email has changed?

If your account is active

You can update your department and email address from the GovTEAMS Dashboard. Please visit How Do I – Update my Account for more information.

If your account is Inactive

Log into your GovTEAMS Dashboard. Select Has your email address changed? to enter your new email address. This will trigger an email to be sent to your new agency. Follow the instructions in the email to reactivate your account. Once reactivated you can then update your agency by updating your account.

If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact us to request an agency transfer.


What happens if I am a Partner or Guest and my email has changed?

Contact us to request a change to your email.