Registration - Troubleshooting

Who can register?

  • Australian Government employees and contractors with a valid email can register as a member.
  • State Government employees with a valid departmental email address can register as a State Government Owner or guest.
  • Everyone else must be invited by a community owner or register for a Partner account. Guests cannot self-register via the GovTEAMS website.

Visit our membership types page for more information.

"Not a valid address to register for GovTEAMS" error

Not a valid address to register for GovTEAMS error

There are two possible causes:

  1. Invalid email address
    Make sure you are using a valid Australian Government email address and that it has been entered correctly.

If you are not an Australian Government employee or contractor, please visit our membership types page for information on how to register.

  1. You have previously registered for a GovTEAMS account using the same email address.
    Check your inbox, junk and spam folders for an email from GovTEAMS. The email will contain your username (usually Use the forgot password process if you can’t remember your password.

Note: If, at any time, you have had a GovTEAMS account, even if that account was created while you were at a different agency, do not create a new one. Your GovTEAMS membership is designed to travel with you throughout your APS career. Find out how.

Unable to enter your information or buttons are greyed out.

If you are experiencing difficulties entering information or progressing through the registration steps, please try a different internet browser.  We recommend using recent versions of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

If you are still experiencing issues, the problem may be due to your agency disabling JavaScript in your browser. You will need to contact your IT department to have the following sites added to the trusted sites list: 

  • *

Both of these addresses need to be in the same zone, as they need to work together to authenticate the users. 

For instructions on how to do this on your personal device refer to Microsoft's Enable JavaScript page.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

If you are having trouble setting up your multi-factor authentication (MFA), please visit the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) page.


If you are having trouble setting up your password, or have forgotten your password, please visit the forgot your password page.