State Government Memberships

Your account type determines the access you have to GovTEAMS OFFICIAL.

Account types

  • State owner accounts cost $350 per user per annum (at least two owners are needed to create a community). These accounts are given an Office 365 license, allowing you to access all available features in GovTEAMS OFFICIAL. You'll be able to create communities and invite guests for free.
  • Guest accounts are free to use. When you register for a guest account you'll be added to the demonstration community to try out GovTEAMS OFFICIAL, at no cost. Community owners can invite you to their communities. As a guest, you can only access features in the community you're invited to. 
Use your state guest account for general day-to-day participation in communities, including the communities you create using your state owner account.  
State owner account 

This account will end in and will be known as your state owner account. 

Your state owner account will be linked to your existing GovTEAMS OFFICIAL account, which ends in e.g. 

When to use your state owner account?

You should use your state owner account to administer GovTEAMS OFFICIAL communities, for example: 

  • Community administration: create, edit and close a community and invite and remove members of a community
  • Microsoft Teams: create, edit and remove meetings and create, edit and remove channels 
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online: manage permissions in your community and create, edit and remove lists and libraries 
When you create a community, both your state owner and state guest account will be automatically added to the community.

If someone invites you to a community, your state guest account will be added to the community. The owner of the community will see a promote button next to your state guest account. When clicked this will give you access to administer the community through your state owner account and you will be listed as an owner. 

How to best use your two accounts  

You can only be logged into one account at a time, in the same browser. If you use a single browser and want to switch between accounts, you will have to log out of one account, return to and login with your other account.  

If you have access to two different browsers (e.g. Chrome and Microsoft Edge), you can remain logged into each account in different browsers.

You can also remain logged into two accounts by using ‘InPrivate’ (Edge) or ‘Incognito’ (Chrome) browser windows.

Please see the State Government Owner - Get Started guide for more information (log in required).