State Government Memberships

GovTEAMS is available to all Australian state governments to use as a secure, flexible and fast way to collaborate with anyone, including federal government, other state and local governments, and externals. 

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Anyone who works for a state government can register for free as a GovTEAMS State Guest Member. State Guest memberships offer a taste of what GovTEAMS has to offer. Once registered, you will automatically be added to the default state government GovTEAMS community where you can explore and see how others are using GovTEAMS. 

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Need full access to GovTEAMS?

State Owner memberships offer full access to GovTEAMS. This includes creating and managing communities, meetings and events, Microsoft 365 apps and full access to Creately. 

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Membership Types

In GovTEAMS OFFICIAL, state government employees (and direct contractors) have two membership options, State Guest Membership and State Owner Membership.

Membership Type 

Who is it for? 

Allocated an Office 365 licence 


How to register

State Owner  

Suitable for state or local government employees working with government who require fullaccess to GovTEAMS OFFICIAL.


$350, per member, pro rata for the remainder of the financial year (ex-GST).

Upgrade to a State Owner Membership

State Guest  

(similar to GovTEAMS Guest Membership) 

Suitable for state or local government employees working with government who require limitedaccess to GovTEAMS OFFICIAL.



Self-register for a free State Guest Membership

Managing your account

For information on how to register or manage your account, visit the State Government Support page

Features available to State Government Members

The key differences between a State Guest and a State Owner in GovTEAMS OFFICIAL are listed below.


State Guest (limited access)

State Owner (full access)

Create and manage communities


Join a community

By invite only


Invite others to join their community


Create and manage meetings


Participate in meetings



Upload files to chats


Upload files to communities



Create chat

Only with others in community


Access calendar





Share PROTECTED information



Sharing PROTECTED Information

If you have a need to share PROTECTED information, GovTEAMS PROTECTED may be suitable for you. The added level of security, allows state or local government employees to collaborate on projects that have a PROTECTED classification. 

In GovTEAMS PROTECTED, state government employees (and direct contractors) have one membership option: External Memberships. To become an external member, you must be invited into GovTEAMS PROTECTED by a full access member/APS employee. Note: External Members must hold a current AGSVA Baseline clearance or be sponsored to get a GovTEAMS PROTECTED membership. 

If you need support or further information about GovTEAMS PROTECTED please contact us.