Welcome to GovTEAMS

GovTEAMS is a comprehensive whole-of-government collaboration service for the Australian Public Service.

GovTEAMS includes:

  • Online video and audio meetings, including free Audio Conferencing that lets participants telephone into meetings
  • Instant Chat with individuals, small groups or entire teams
  • Collaboration on Office 365 documents with real time co-authoring
  • Broadcasting video and meeting content to large online audiences with Live Events and Webinars
GovTEAMS operates two platforms, GovTEAMS OFFICIAL and GovTEAMS PROTECTED. Building on the existing GovTEAMS OFFICIAL platform, GovTEAMS PROTECTED provides an approved, secure online workspace to share PROTECTED information.

Collaborate freely with your trusted partners on GovTEAMS PROTECTED without the time and cost of secure physical location access, or worse, limiting your collaboration to partners that already have expensive PROTECTED systems. A Baseline security clearance is all that is required to collaborate from anywhere nationally or internationally.
GovTEAMS Academy
GovTEAMS Academy is our learning and support environment! Whether you are getting started on your GovTEAMS journey or are looking to make the most out of your experience, this is where you will find all the information you need.