5 Ways GovTEAMS improves collaboration between the public and private sector

If you're not familiar with GovTEAMS, now's the time to discover how this platform is transforming collaboration between the public and private sector.

GovTEAMS is a self-service, secure platform that allows the Australian Government and the private sector to collaborate and deliver outcomes efficiently.

Private sector employees and contractors, including project managers, training providers, and academics, are now able to purchase full-access Partner memberships in GovTEAMS – bridging the gap between the public and private sector.

Here are five ways GovTEAMS improves collaboration:


1. GovTEAMS allows for secure project collaboration

GovTEAMS allows you to work on projects in a secure environment, ensuring confidentiality up to OFFICIAL:Sensitive or PROTECTED classification levels. This feature eliminates concerns about data security, allowing for focused and secure collaboration. GovTEAMS has two platforms – GovTEAMS OFFICIAL, allowing for collaboration up to OFFICIAL: Sensitive and GovTEAMS PROTECTED, allowing for collaboration up to the PROTECTED classification.

2. GovTEAMS members have autonomy and flexibility  

GovTEAMS lets you work how you want to, allowing more features, functionality, and apps than most government environments enable. GovTEAMS is designed for maximum self-service so you can create accounts, create communities and manage your experience autonomously.

3. GovTEAMS incorporates modern communication tools – including Teams, SharePoint and Creately

GovTEAMS is built upon Microsoft Office 365 and provides an array of real-time communication tools, including video, phone and chat features, fostering seamless collaboration with project partners and enhancing overall project efficiency. 

GovTEAMS also includes Creately – an Australian owned virtual whiteboarding tool that is included at no additional cost.

4. GovTEAMS finds technological solutions – Virtual meetings, events, and webinars

GovTEAMS goes beyond standard collaboration tools by offering the ability to host online meetings, live events, and webinars. This feature not only saves time and money but also facilitates dynamic interactions that contribute to stronger industry-government partnerships.

5. GovTEAMS has a vibrant userbase across the Australian Government and the private sector

GovTEAMS has more than 38,000 government users and more than 5,000 external users actively using GovTEAMS per month, including use from over 75 countries worldwide. 

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What’s next?

With features like global connectivity, secure project collaboration, real-time communication, and app integration, GovTEAMS is set to redefine how public and private sectors work together. See pur Roadmap to see what we are working on.