GovTEAMS will remain free of charge until 1 July 2019.

We are currently fine-tuning our pricing model to deliver the best possible outcome for all stakeholders. The following conditions are part of the draft pricing model for Commonwealth Government entities (does not include state/local government, private sector or Government Business Enterprises):

Good things come in small packages!

GovTEAMS will be free for small agencies of less than 100 full-time employees.

You have options

Commonwealth Government agencies won’t be limited to bundles and can select the number of memberships they wish to purchase annually. Adjustments can be made every 6 months, providing better flexibility for agencies while keeping service administration costs low.

Sponsored communities

There are a number of Whole-of-Government (WofG) communities that provide information services on behalf of the Commonwealth Government. Community owners who wish to include Commonwealth Government employees from opted-out of agencies will be able to pay an annual fee to operate sponsored communities. Only sponsored communities will be allowed to invite Commonwealth Government employees from opted-out agencies. The cost per sponsored community will be $2,500 per annum. This fee will be reviewed annually.

Reduced membership fees for GovTEAMS

Due to uptake, the final fee for GovTEAMS will range from $3.00 to $4.00 per member per month.

The following tiered pricing structure will (most likely) apply:

Membership fee tiers



Number of members

Per month

Per annum

0 - 1000



1001 - 2500



2501 - 5000







No. of members


Cost per month

Cost per annum

















State government

State government employees can own and administer communities for a cost of $350 per user per annum (at least two licensed administrators required to create a community). Fees and invoicing processes are still being finalised.

As a licensed member, you can create as many communities as you like and invite anyone to access your community free-of-charge.

A state government owner will have access to the full features of GovTEAMS. 

Are you interested in trying GovTEAMS before purchasing a license? Contact us at,

The ‘nitty gritty’

How does licencing work?

An example of the process will include:

  • agencies can purchase memberships at the beginning of each financial year and minor overruns throughout the year will be allowed;
  • a review of agency usage will take place every 6 months and will allow agencies to adjust their actual usage; and
  • pro-rata transitionary arrangements will apply in 2018/19.=

Can I use my agency Office 365 license?

At this stage, Microsoft does not allow agencies to reuse their existing Office 365 licences to gain full access to GovTEAMS. Microsoft only allows ‘Guest’ access to GovTEAMS for user-ids from other Office 365 tenancies.

How are fees managed?

To assist agencies in controlling their expenditure and usage, GovTEAMS will provide agency contacts (1 or more central contact is required per agency) with special administration functions before charging starts.  

Membership fees are worked out at an agency-level and applied to members who are active in GovTEAMS. Invited guests (state government and private sector employees) will not be required to pay a membership fee.

Need more information about the arrangements for fees and licences?

As mentioned previously, an initial set of administration functions will be made available before the charging period commences. These include:

  • Nominating how many licences an agency wishes to purchase for the year.
  • Changing the number of agency licences once every 6 months (twice a year).
  • Moving licenses from one agency employee to another.
  • Choosing to opt-out of GovTEAMS.
  • When a Commonwealth Government employee leaves an agency or goes on extended leave, their licence is removed and available for others to use.
  • General reporting on usage and content (communities, names and number of members, etc.)
  • GovTEAMS members will be required to respond to a verification email on a regular basis. Those members who do not respond to the verification email will be made inactive and their licence will be freed and available for others to use.

Terms and conditions for opted-out agencies:

Employees from opted-out agencies will only be able to access the communities they have been invited to join and will not be able hold a personal profile.

Opted-outed agencies will be listed on GovTEAMS for the convenience of all other Commonwealth Government agencies who wish to connect with them. If more than 100 guest users from an opted-out agency are participating in GovTEAMS, the agency will be required to purchase a membership package.

We need your assistance!

We encourage Commonwealth Government organisations to use this free period to assess how GovTEAMS will provide value, meet organisational needs and improve the way you work.

We need your assistance in providing feedback, so that we can continually improve the service. 

Last modified: May 06, 2019