Introducing GovTEAMS Partners 

Collaborating with Government 

If you collaborate with the Australian Government and want to rapidly deliver more value through greater autonomy and collaboration with government, then a GovTEAMS Partner Membership is for you.  

This membership type offers enhanced functionality and features, allowing external stakeholders to collaborate effectively in GovTEAMS OFFICIAL.


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Giving externals and guests full access to GovTEAMS

Partner memberships may be suitable for people who have an existing guest membership in GovTEAMS. To be eligible, Partners will need to have either a current contract, or an ongoing business relationship with government. This will be verified during the application process. 

Full access members
Full Access Members (APS)

  • Access to Office 365 apps (including Office, Teams, Forms, Planner and more)
  • Create and manage communities
  • Discover other communities, members and information
  • Collaborate and work autonomously


  • Available to anyone by invitation only
  • Free participation account with basic access
  • Participate in meetings and communities
  • Limited to invited meetings and communities
  • Identifiable by (Guest) next to their name


  • Available to anyone working with the Australian Public Service (must be verified)
  • Similar access to a Full Access Member (APS)
  • Create and manage private communities
  • Identifiable by (Partner) next to their name
  • Monitored account


Benefits of Partners

Reducing procurement and onboarding timeframes

In the example below, both individuals have been offered a contract with the APS. Kate is being onboarded to the APS agency’s network, James has a GovTEAMS Partner membership.

Kate 👤 James (Partner) 👤
Once Kate starts her new role, she will likely need to wait for her agency device. This may take a few days.

Once commenced, she will need IT access to be able to join meetings, check emails and make phone calls.

This can sometimes take weeks.

Once James starts his new role, James is given a GovTEAMS Partner account on the first day.

With a Partner account, James can create and join meetings straight away from a personal device.

James can immediately edit and share documents up to OFFICIAL: Sensitive.

Removing the reliance on APS staff for administrative functions

In the example below, both individuals have a contract with the APS. John has a Guest membership with GovTEAMS and Sam has a Partner membership with GovTEAMS. 

Action John (Guest) 👤 Sam (Partner) 👤
Create a Private/Hidden Community
Create a Meeting
Create a Chat Limited

Use Cases

If you are interested in learning more about how you might use a GovTEAMS Partner Membership, take a look at the specific use cases below. Here you can see the differences between the membership types. 

Pricing and Eligibility

What do I need to become a Partner? 

You will need either, and sometimes both: 

  • A sponsor in the APS willing to state that you have legitimate business in the APS, and/or 

  • A current contract with an Austender reference number. 

How much does it cost?

Individual Partner accounts cost $290 for 6 months or $490 per year, ex-GST. For Enterprise Partner agreements, please contact us

How to apply 

To apply for a GovTEAMS Partner Membership:

  1. Submit this form, outlining why you are applying.
  2. GovTEAMS will review the form and make sure it meets eligibility requirements.
  3. If approved, GovTEAMS will arrange the service agreement and payment.
  4. Once finalised, you will receive a link to register.

For more information, please see the Parners tab on the How Do I - Register an account page or download our guide.