GovTEAMS OFFICIAL is a digital collaboration service built for government. It brings together all the tools you need in one place to connect, share and work together across organisations. It is powered by Microsoft Office 365 tools.

Your online workspace

  • Access all the tools you need in one place
  • Create communities and bring your team together
  • Promote activities, build a network or start a project

GovTEAMS OFFICIAL is built around the concept of community. It gives you the choice of how much information you want to share with open, private or hidden community types.

Get your team on-board by inviting them into your community to collaborate and share ideas!

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Tools to make your job easier 

Now you can stay productive from wherever you are located. Office 365 mobile apps give you the flexibility to work and stay connected from anywhere. Access the tools you know, like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to edit files for your team to see at any time. 

Work and collaborate across government and beyond! Start a chat, meet and co-author files with Microsoft Teams. Use SharePoint to post news and publish updates.

Trusted and secure
Classified to OFFICIAL:Sensitive, we’ve designed GovTEAMS with multiple layers of protection. It’s secure and compliant with government standards, hosted on Microsoft Azure and Office 365. GovTEAMS is IRAP assessed, and has been accredited by the Department of Finance to OFFICIAL:Sensitive classification.

You can add a layer of protection by setting up multi-factor authentication. Access your work securely from desktop, web and mobile.

Your personal profile

  • Discover communities based on your information
  • Promote your skills and help employers find you
  • Connect with like-minded people and grow your network

Your profile will promote your skills across government and will stay with you. Best of all, the information in your profile will connect you with communities of interest. It will allow you to discover like-minded people, who understand your work. 

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Features designed to help you

Designed to be secure and easy to use, GovTEAMS OFFICIAL features:

  • Quick community creation (in less than an hour) – bring teams together online, from across disparate locations.
  • Online meeting (large or small, audio and video) – perfect for times when physically meeting in groups isn’t possible or desirable.
  • Real time document collaboration – work on documents together in real time, while separated by distance.
  • Access to commonly used Microsoft Office 365 tools online (Words, Excel and PowerPoint). Office 365 desktop and mobile apps give you the flexibility to work and stay connected from anywhere
What are the roles?

Your role determines your access and responsibilities within a particular community.

  • Owners create and maintain GovTEAMS OFFICIAL communities. They can invite or remove members, set community permissions and moderate content. Only full access members can become owners of a community.
  • Members participate in GovTEAMS OFFICIAL communities. Depending on the permissions set by community owners, members can post in a channel, edit documents and join an online meeting. Full access members or guests can participate as members of a community.

Account types

Your account type determines the access you have to the GovTEAMS OFFICIAL service:

  • Full access member accounts are created for APS employees*. These accounts are allocated an Office 365 license, allowing them to access all Office 365 apps. Full access members can discover other communities, members and files, as well as create communities.
  • Guest accounts are created for state government, local government and private sector employees. These accounts are not allocated an Office 365 license but can still access most Office 365 apps. Guests can only participate in (and collaborate with other members of) communities they have been invited to join.

*If you’re a contractor with an Australian Public Service email address you can also register as a full access member.

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"GovTEAMS enables us to bring together government procurement officials on a platform which promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing. Establishing and maintaining the community is easy and allows our members to make connections with other entities, share templates and tools and stay up to date with policy and guidance."

Kieran — GovTEAMS Procurement and Contract Management Community of Practice