GovTEAMS OFFICIAL Community Owner Terms and Conditions

To create a community you must read and accept the responsibilities of being a community owner.

By using GovTEAMS OFFICIAL as a Community Owner, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

These Community Owner Terms and Conditions are in addition to the GovTEAMS Acceptable Use Conditions which apply to all GovTEAMS OFFICIAL users, including Community Owners.

Please read all these Terms and Conditions carefully.


GovTEAMS OFFICIAL is developed and managed by the Department of Finance (Finance).

You will become a Community Owner and become subject to these Terms and Conditions if:

  • you request the creation of a GovTEAMS OFFICIAL community and your request is accepted by Finance; or
  • you become the Community Owner of an existing community.


You are responsible for, and agree that you will:

  • create the appropriate type of community.Familiarise yourself with the three community types (Open, Private, Hidden) and ensure you select the appropriate community for your needs. 

  • assist new Community Members.Be prepared to provide support to new members that you invite to your community. 

  • carefully consider who you invite to your community. Consider whether the members or guests you are inviting to your community need to know the information in your community. 

  • create valuable communities to collaborate with others.Think about whether you need to create a new community or you can use an existing community. 

  • build your community to its full potential. Take the time to work on your community so you and the Community Members get the most value out of collaborating. 

  • keep adequate records and ensure that documents and relevant content are maintained in an appropriate records management system. GovTEAMS OFFICIAL is not a records management system. Records should be removed from GovTEAMS OFFICIAL and stored in line with your agency's records management policy. 

  • jointly, with other Community Owners, manage, amend, monitor, review and archive your community. This includes decommissioning your community where it is no longer active.  Communities which are inactive for extended periods of time may be closed and eventually deleted by GovTEAMS  

  • inform and assist members of your community. You are responsible for authorising and assisting members with accessing, disabling or changing existing members’ details for your community. 

  • ensure that members in your community act in accordance with the GovTEAMS OFFICIAL Acceptable Use Conditions 

  • monitor Community Member behaviour and report breaches of APS Code of Conduct, inappropriate behaviour, and any event where information above the OFFICIAL:Sensitive protective marker has been uploaded to GovTEAMS OFFICIAL. 

  • report or remove content from your community which in your reasonable opinion contravenes the Acceptable Use conditions of GovTEAMS OFFICIAL, and advising the Community Member of reasons for removal. Finance is not responsible for proper management of the content within your community. 

  • report and remove Members from your community who, in your reasonable opinion, are behaving inappropriately. 

  • respond to and resolve FOI requests relevant to your agency 

  • use Community Member details (name, email address, telephone numbers or other information) gained from applications to join your community, or otherwise in connection with your use of GovTEAMS OFFICIAL, in accordance with Australian Privacy Principles. 

  • ensure that information published on your community is labelled and handled in accordance with the Australian Government’s Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) and does not exceed the security rating of OFFICIAL:Sensitive. 

  • maintain an up-to-date backup of your site for recovery from accidental deletion by you or your Community Members. 

  • ensure your community meets the following criteria to operate: 

  • minimum of 2 active Community Owners; and 

  • at least one visit every 3 months. 

  • ensure Community Members can only access content and be involved in discussions on a need to know basis. This includes removing members that no longer require access to the information held in the community. 

  • review Community Member access when notified that member details have changed, such as, moved agency or left the APS. 

Nothing in this document removes or affects Finance's right to suspend or remove Community Members or Community Owners from your community, including you, or otherwise deal with, alter or amend GovTEAMS OFFICIAL or its content.