GovTEAMS PROTECTED shares the same functions and purpose as GovTEAMS OFFICIAL, except that it's designed for collaborating on projects that have PROTECTED classification. It is a secure environment, designed specifically for hosting sensitive content and supports the sharing of information that has been classified as PROTECTED.


  • Secure sharing of information at the PROTECTED level
  • Perfect for collaborating with other Commonwealth Departments and Agencies on projects that are classified as PROTECTED
  • State and local government, industry partners and other guests must be sponsored by your agency and pass strict security checks
  • Accessible for approved agencies via trusted networks and compliant iOS devices only
  • Restrictions will apply for those users that access GovTEAMS PROTECTED from a non-Protected network



Secure digital collaboration

GovTEAMS PROTECTED is a digital platform that enables collaboration and communication across government and with trusted partners, securely and from anywhere.

Building on the existing GovTEAMS OFFICIAL platform, GovTEAMS PROTECTED provides an approved, secure online workspace to share PROTECTED information.


  • Share critical information - securely across the PROTECTED community.
  • Share across organisations - communicating PROTECTED information to cleared personnel in states and territories, where appropriate.
  • Connect workforces - access centrally located PROTECTED information from different organisations and locations, enabling security-cleared, independent resources to work together in real time from anywhere.
  • Create teams quickly – teams can be quickly formed and deployed, with information accessible to all local, national, and international team members.
  • Access research and design with external providers – seamless collaboration between security-cleared personnel in industry, universities and government, to assist in understanding emerging technologies and co-developing solutions.
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Features designed to help you

Designed to be secure and easy to use, GovTEAMS PROTECTED features:

  • Quick community creation (in less than an hour) – bring teams together online, from across disparate locations.
  • Online meeting (large or small, audio and video) – perfect for times when physically meeting in groups isn’t possible or desirable.
  • Real time document collaboration – work on documents together in real time, while separated by distance.
  • Access to commonly used Microsoft Office 365 tools online (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Office 365 desktop and mobile apps give you the flexibility to work and stay connected from anywhere
  • Secure and trusted environment – share and access information rated up to PROTECTED.
How is it different to GovTEAMS OFFICIAL?

GovTEAMS PROTECTED has an enhanced security profile, to enable secure collaboration up to the PROTECTED classification.

Security enhancements have been made to comply with Australian Government Information Security Management Standards for PROTECTED, which include:

  • Registration – all member’s clearances are verified. Users must have a minimum of a baseline clearance to access the system (or an agreement/arrangement in line with the PSPF and acceptable to the Department of Finance).
  • Log in – conditional access has been enabled, with access limited to trusted PROTECTED networks and compliant iOS devices
  • Community types – hidden or private
  • External access – limited to security-cleared, invited members with restricted access
  • Application - strengthened security controls
What are the roles?

The types of roles in the system include:  

Organisation Administrator – The role has access to special organisation management functions on the GovTEAMS PROTECTED Dashboard to manage memberships and usage on behalf of your organisation. 

Member – Security-cleared APS staff that have joined to contribute to a community or team. 

Community owner - The role assumed by Members that create and maintain a team or community. 

External member – Security-cleared external users (non-Australian Government) that have been invited to join and contribute to a team or community.  

Security measures

GovTEAMS PROTECTED is hosted on Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

GovTEAMS PROTECTED has undergone an IRAP (Information Security Registered Assessors Program) Assessment to the PROTECTED classification. Supporting documentation on this accreditation is available on request for agencies undertaking their own due diligence on the suitability of GovTEAMS. 

GovTEAMS users can report security incidents by emailing govteams@finance.gov.au.   

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"My team needs to collaborate with building and design contractors in a PROTECTED environment to set up facilities across Australia. GovTEAMS PROTECTED is a cost-effective solution for us to share PROTECTED documents and facilitate meetings to have PROTECTED level conversations with our security cleared contractors. I’m able to easily set up multiple projects at any time and manage access for our external users. It gives us a platform to work securely and effectively together to deliver key projects for the Department."

Emily — Project Officer, Department of Finance