Who can register ?

  • Commonwealth Government employees can register as a member. As a member, you can access all available features. You can also be a community owner and invite other members and guests to your community.
  • State government employees can register as a guest. You'll be added to the demonstration community to try out GovTEAMS, at no cost. Community owners can invite you to their communities. As a guest, you can only access features in the community you're invited to.
  • State government employees can buy a state owner account for $350 per user per annum (at least two owners are needed to create a community). As an owner, you can access all available features. You'll be able to create communities and invite other members or guests for free. Fees and invoicing processes are still being finalised.
If you're a local government, private sector or Government Business Enterprise employee, you can only be invited to access a community as a guest. As a guest, you'll be able to take part in the commuity you have been invited to join. But you can't create communities or invite/remove members.

*If you're a contractor with an Australian Public Service email address you can register as a member.

Check your eligibility

Enter your work email address to check if you can register for an account. A continue registration button will appear if you're eligible. Click this button to continue.

Work email address

3-step registration process

Before you start - make sure you have access to your work email and your mobile or desktop phone (this can be a personal device). You'll need these to verify your details for registration.

Registration takes about 5 minutes.

  1. Set-up your account details
    Read and accept the terms and conditions. Enter your details in the form and complete your account set-up.
  2. Activate your account
    We'll send you an activation email, so keep an eye on your (work) email inbox, junk and spam folders (just in case). Click activate account (or copy and paste the link into your web browser) and login using your new username, ending in @govteams.gov.au.
  3. Complete Microsoft's multi-factor authentication process
    You'll need a phone or the Microsoft authentication app on your device. The additional security verification is mandatory for all members and guests as it adds a layer of protection to the entire GovTEAMS service.

Download the Microsoft authentication app, available from your favourite app store.
Having trouble registering? Visit our Help Centre.