Here at GovTEAMS, we’re constantly working to improve the experience for our users. Our Roadmap gives you an insight into what we're working on. Take a look below.

Full email functionality coming to GovTEAMS PROTECTED 

Soon, we will be rolling out enhancements to email functionality for GovTEAMS PROTECTED full-access members. Email functionality is currently restricted, but on completion of the enhancements, members will be able to send mail on desktop and iOS devices by logging into their M365 Outlook accounts using their GovTEAMS credentials. This will make it even easier to collaborate across PROTECTED environments.  

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Want more features in GovTEAMS?

Are there certain activities and functions you would like to see in GovTEAMS? Tell us via our Contact us page, what you want or who we should connect with to enhance the GovTEAMS experience.

We're working on a 'Third Party Catalogue' so you can browse approved applications or request new applications that you would like to see in GovTEAMS.

Connect and collaborate quickly and easily

Want to find people in the same role in other agencies? Looking to build a collaborative network? With improved search functionality we will make it even easier to connect with members outside your agency. Reduce time and effort when building networks and improve your collaboration with GovTEAMS.

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Enhanced capabilities for Industry and other trusted Partners 

Members of industry, academia, and state, local, and international governments who have verified business with the APS will soon be able to deliver more efficient and effective services through controlled, elevated privileges in GovTEAMS OFFICIAL.  This enhanced access will streamline and expedite engagements between these trusted partners and the APS. 

Improved technical support

We're introducing a new GovTEAMS Support Portal to let you view, update and track ticket progress. The Portal will also provide information on common issues and how you may be able to solve them quickly

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Community Templates

Community Templates gives you a convenient and efficient way to create new communities quickly, reducing times and effort required to set up from scratch.

Using Templates, you can create communities with a pre-defined structure, channels and settings to accelerate and standardise your new community within seconds.

Connect with like-minded people across different Agencies

The new GovTEAMS Profile App will allow you to improve your connections with others across different agencies and industry. Update and manage your profile within Teams to help you connect with like-minded people. Reach out to people in similar roles for collaboration across different agencies.