Here at GovTEAMS, we’re constantly working to improve the experience for our users. Our Roadmap gives you an insight into what we're working on. Take a look below.

Meeting Room Connect Update 

Meeting Room Connect allows members to connect to GovTEAMS meetings using their agency’s existing video conferencing equipment in meeting rooms. As the current provider is being decommissioned, GovTEAMS is transitioning to Pexip. All features and functionality will remain the same. 

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Full Email is coming to GovTEAMS OFFICIAL 

Enhancements to email functionality for Full Access Members and Partners is coming soon.  

Email functionality is currently restricted, but on completion of the enhancements, members will be able to send and receive email on desktop and iOS devices via their GovTEAMS Outlook accounts.  

This is in addition to the recently released GovTEAMS PROTECTED email.   

Improved GovTEAMS Organisation Administrator Portal 

We're updating the GovTEAMS Organisation Administrator Portal so Agency Admins will have more information and control.   

They will be able to:  

  • see the last login date of their agency’s members; and 
  • Bulk-remove inactive members from their Agency’s list. 

If you’re an Organisation Administrator, we’re keen to know what else you need.  Please Contact us to register your requests. 


Anyone Pays 

We’re making changes to how members can pay for GovTEAMS.  Members will soon be able to pay for their own membership, and for others to join them on GovTEAMS.  This will streamline the onboarding process and get people working together faster. 

We’re also introducing a Credit Card payment option to provide additional flexibility.   


We’re investigating making AI available in GovTEAMS.  This is likely to include Microsoft CoPilot functionality.   

We need a minimum number of subscribing members to turn on AI in GovTEAMS – please contact us to register your interest. 


Community Templates 

Community Templates gives members a convenient and efficient way to create new communities quickly, reducing time and effort. 

Using Templates, members can create communities with pre-defined structure, channels and settings to accelerate and standardise new communities. 

Connect with like-minded people across different agencies 

The new GovTEAMS Profile will allow you to improve your connections with others across different agencies and industry. 

Update and manage your profile within Teams to help you connect with like-minded people. Reach out to people in similar roles for collaboration across different agencies. 

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