Here at GovTEAMS, we’re constantly working to improve the GovTEAMS experience. Our Changelog gives you an insight into the new features, improvements and fixes we've recently completed. Take a look below.
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Change Type Date Details
New members will be automatically added to the GovTEAMS Community  New feature Apr 2024 From 4 May 2024, individuals who register for GovTEAMS OFFICIAL will be added to our GovTEAMS Community in Microsoft Teams. The GovTEAMS Community is used to collaborate with other GovTEAMS members and keep up to date with service updates. 
Minor improvements to the GovTEAMS Dashboard Improvement Apr 2024 Changes to the GovTEAMS OFFICIAL and GovTEAMS PROTECTED dashboards, including improved search and icons. 
Town Halls replace Live Events  Change Apr 2024 Microsoft has replaced Live Events with Town Halls.  For guidance on how to create a Town Hall, view the Cheat Sheet - Create a Town Hall (login required).
Brand new Support section of the website Improvement Mar 2024 We have re-designed the support site of our website. There are now two support sections, one for GovTEAMS OFFICIAL Support and one for GovTEAMS PROTECTED Support. Both sections are now tailored to the user and include additional guidance, videos and images.
GovTEAMS OFFICIAL: You can now send emails New feature Feb 2024 GovTEAMS OFFICIAL has released email functionality to better enable users to work in an OFFICIAL:Sensitive environment. You can now send and receive emails classified up to OFFICIAL:Sensitive in line with the Protective Security Policy Framework
Copilot in GovTEAMS Improvement Feb 2024 Copilot has been enabled in GovTEAMS for an additional fee. Contact us for more information. 
Meeting Room Connect: Provider change Change Dec 2023 On 8 December 2023, Pexip will replace BlueJeans as the provider for the Meeting Room Connect feature in GovTEAMS.  BlueJeans will be decommissioned on 15 December 2023.  This change will affect anyone using the GovTEAMS Meeting Room Connect functionality to join GovTEAMS meetings. Members who have meetings occurring after 15 December that plan to use GovTEAMS Meeting Room Connect will need to cancel and send a new meeting after 8 December 2023 to ensure that the new connection details are included. 
Change to link sharing permission defaults Improvement Nov 2023 We've updated the default link permission from "People in your organisation with the link can view" to "People with existing access can use the link." This adjustment preserves your existing file security. You can still modify the link permissions as needed.
Creately (similar to Miro/Mural) New app Oct 2023 We have explored, tested and security accredited Creately, a visual workspace, for use in GovTEAMS OFFICIAL. This will replace Mural and be free to use for all GovTEAMS members.   
GovTEAMS PROTECTED: You can now send emails New feature Oct 2023 GovTEAMS PROTECTED has released email functionality to better enable users to work in a PROTECTED environment. You can now send and receive emails classified up to PROTECTED in line with the Protective Security Policy Framework
GovTEAMS Partners New Membership Type Sep 2023

If you work with the Australian Federal Government and you want to rapidly deliver more value through greater autonomy and collaboration with government, then a GovTEAMS Partner Membership is for you.  

This membership type offers enhanced functionality and features, allowing external stakeholders to collaborate effectively in GovTEAMS OFFICIAL.

GovTEAMS Academy Redesign Improvement Sep 2023 We have redesigned the GovTEAMS Academy structure, making it easier to find the information you are after. We have created new guides and updated the old ones, making it easier to learn more about GovTEAMS. 
Create Community and Community Management Teams apps: Mobile view improved Improvement Sep 2023 Recently we deployed the Create Community and Community Management Teams apps, bringing dashboard functionality to the Microsoft Teams app. We have since improved the mobile view of these apps. 
Dashboard upgrade: News Carousel New feature Sep 2023 To help spread news and information about GovTEAMS, we have deployed a new carousel on the dashboard. Sign in to check it out. 
Dashboard upgrade: The GovTEAMS Insider feed New feature Sep 2023 Bringing APS wide news, straight to the dashboard, keeping you up to. Sign in to check it out. 
Improved back-end efficiencies Improvement Sep 2023 MSAL upgrade to the new version improving security.  This improves multiple account handling processes and the overall login experience
Meeting recording expiry  Change Aug 2023 Meeting recordings are one of the largest files - taking up around 500MB per hour of recording. To help save space from August 18, all new meeting recordings will automatically expire after 60 days. This change won't impact your existing recordings. Plus, you'll still have the power to adjust a meeting's expiration if you need to.
Changes to open communities Improvement Jul 2023

We are changing the process of converting a community from Hidden or Private to Open. This will improve the security of information in GovTEAMS. Community owners are now required to review the community content before changing it's status to Open.

From 12th July 2023 to make your community open you can either:

  • Create a new open community and move the appropriate content. This ensures that you are conducting your own internal review before making it accessible.
  • Log a ticket with our service desk who will assist you in converting your community.
Use GovTEAMS more effectively in your meeting rooms. New Feature Mar 2023 GovTEAMS is trialling a new feature that allows you to use GovTEAMS in your office meeting rooms to give you the perfect hybrid work solution. It's simple, easy and uses your existing video conferencing infrastructure.
GovTEAMS Insider gives you quick access to relevant news and updates New Feature Mar 2023 GovTEAMS Insider is a news site on the GovTEAMS app that shares the latest stories, opportunities and initiatives from all corners of the APS. The GovTEAMS app also gives you access to GovTEAMS news, announcements, and guides, all designed to help you make the most of GovTEAMS.  
Enhanced screen sharing options in meetings Improvement Feb 2023 Now you have extra options when sharing your screen. You can decide exactly what you want to share in meetings, whether it's your entire desktop or a specific window, allowing freedom and choice when using GovTEAMS for meetings.
Easier community creation and management Improvement Dec 2022 Collaboration has become even easier. GovTEAMS now has two new Teams Apps - the Create Community App and the Manage Community App. Create and invite people to join Communities within the Microsoft Teams application without having to access the GovTEAMS Dashboard.
Keep feeling safe when sharing sensitive information on GovTEAMS Improvement Oct 2022

GovTEAMS PROTECTED can now be used on any device from any network. Collaborate at a PROTECTED level wherever you need to work.

For more information about GovTEAMS PROTECTED head to our website.