Community Owners - Troubleshooting

Community owners are responsible for managing the content and membership of their community. As a community owner you will often be the first point of contact for helping your members troubleshoot problems. For issues related to community members accessing your community site, files or distributing links please see the Accessing sites and files - Troubleshooting page.

Cannot promote some people, why?

To promote someone to community owner they must hold a GovTEAMS membership (Full or Partner). Guests cannot be promoted to owner. 

“Hmm can’t reach this page” error when trying to access your community site.

hmm cant reach this page error

The homepage for your site has been deleted or moved. Community owners can restore the page from the site’s recycle bin.   

  1. Replace the bold text with the address for your community. 

    https ://

  2. Copy and paste your modified address into your browser’s address bar
  3. Select Home.aspx 
  4. Select Restore

select restore

Can I download/transfer the contents of one community to another?

You can download all the files in your community by navigating to the community’s documents library in SharePoint or via the Files tab in Microsoft Teams. Please see the attached guide for more information: Download files from SharePoint

You cannot download or transfer the community posts from Microsoft Teams.

How do I change my community permissions?

Please visit the GovTEAMS Academy (sign in required) for advice on how to set up your community.

Don’t see the Create community button on the GovTEAMS Dashboard.

You must be a GovTEAMS Member or Partner to create communities. If you are a GovTEAMS Partner, make sure that you are logged in with your Partner account ending in 

Community members are having problems accessing the site or files

Issues with accessing files and documents may arise for various reasons, and guidance on troubleshooting common errors is available on the Accessing Files and Documents – Troubleshooting page.

As a community owner, one of the more common causes is incorrect link permissions being set when generating and distributing links to others.

When distributing links, you need to make sure that you have selected the correct permissions for your target audience. By default, link permissions are set to "people with existing access," allowing community members (logged into their GovTEAMS accounts) to access the file if it's hosted within the community (and if default site permissions are unchanged).

The following link options are available:

  • People with Existing Access: Recommended
  • People in GovTEAMS OFFICIAL: All GovTEAMS members,  Partners and State Owners regardless of community membership. Does not grant access to guests even if part of your community.
  • People you choose: Selected individuals and groups

Note: documents and files cannot be shared with people outside of GovTEAMS.

Please see below for instructions on ow to generate links:

More information on community permissions and file sharing can be found on the GovTEAMS Academy.

What do the account statuses mean?
Status Membership Type Meaning



Full access member

Guest member


Accounts are active and ready to use/in use.



Full access member


State Owner

The person has inactivated their account or has been automatically deactivated because they did not verify their account.


They can re-activate their membership by logging in to their account and requesting a verification link sent to their email address.  If members have changed their email address, they can also update their details at this point.  Detailed instructions can be found on the How do I - verify my account page.


Under Review

Full access member only


The person’s account is undergoing verification.

They will receive up to three reminder emails over a two week period.  If they do not verify, their membership will go Inactive at the end of the two week period. More information can be found on the How do I - verify my account page.



Full access member and Guest member


They have not set up Multi-Factor Authentication.  A lack of MFA is a security risk and the account will be blocked.  They will need to contact us to resolve.


Members may also be blocked if they have breached our terms of use.

Pending licence Full access member only

Some agencies want to review GovTEAMS registration requests for their staff prior to granting a license. If an account has a status of Pending License it means that it is awaiting an Organisation Administrator from their  agency to allocate a licence. 


They  will need to contact their  Organisation Administrators for further information. They can see they are by selecting their name on your GovTEAMS Dashboard.

Want to be promoted to community owner.

Ask another community owner to promote you. If the other community owners are inactive, Contact Us