How to login

Go to, click login and choose GovTEAMS OFFICIAL or GovTEAMS PROTECTED.

If you are a member, you will login with your GovTEAMS username ending in or

If you’re a guest, you’ll login with your email address.


Having trouble?

Click sign in another way and choose a verify your identity option.

Option – When asked, you can tick the box don’t ask me for 7 days, then you won’t have to verify your identity for a week. 

  1. Enter your username, ending in or and your password.
  2. Verify your identity - you set this up when you set-up your account.
    • Use a verification code from my mobile app – enter the code
    • Text +XXXX – enter the code
    • Call XXX – click pound (#) at the end of the call
  3. Click next - You’ll see your GovTEAMS dashboard.
Two people colaborating

Want to know more about verifying your identity? Check out the multi-factor authentication page.

As a member you’ll get an or username – that means if you change agencies you don’t have to change usernames.