Change your password

You'll be asked to change your password every 6 months for security reasons (this must not be a password you've used before).

Password criteria

You must create a password that is 8-16 characters long and must meet 3 of the 4 criteria:

  • Include at least 1 uppercase letters
  • Include at least 1 lowercase letters
  • Include at least 1 numbers
  • Include at least 1 special character
    Laptop illustration

    To change your password:

    1. Click on your name at the top of your GovTEAMS OFFICIAL or GovTEAMS PROTECTED dashboard.
    2. Click Change my password (a new tab will open in your browser).
    3. Enter your old password.
    4. Create new password.
    5. Confirm new password – must match.
    6. Click Submit.