Set up two-factor authentication

You’ll need a phone or the Microsoft authentication app on your device. The additional security verification is mandatory for all members and guests - it adds a layer of protection to the entire GovTEAMS service. 

Select one of the contact options:

  • Authentication phone
  • Mobile app 

You can use your personal or work phone number.

Authentication phone 

To use this verification method, you must have access to a phone that can receive calls or text messages. 

  1. Select your country or region e.g. Australia (+61) and enter the phone number
  2. Select the method:
  • Send me a code by text message (if using your mobile phone)
    • Enter the code supplied
    • Click verify
    • Click done


  • Call me
    • An automated service will call you and ask you to press the pound (#) key.
    • Click done
Mobile App

To use this verification method, you must set up the Microsoft Authenticator App.

  1. Download the app for android or iOS
  2. Select the contact method:
  • Receive notifications for verification (tap Approve or Deny).
  • User verification code (open app to view the verification code)
  1. Click setup - A configure mobile app screen shows. Follow the instructions listed on the screen for setting up the mobile application verification.
  2. Click next .

Verify your account

To make sure you can reset your password, Microsoft needs to collect some information.

  1. Next to authentication phone is set up to +61 XXX click verify.
  2. Verify the authentication phone number shown by choosing an option:
    • Text me - To receive a text to the mobile number listed.
    • Call me - To receive an automated call to verify the number supplied.
    • Enter the code provided, click verify and then click finish


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Last modified: February 27, 2019