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Why we ask you to reconfirm your email address?

Every 30 days you will receive an email asking you to reconfirm your email address.

This is to verify you still work for a government organisation, we're just checking you still have access to this email address.

Is quick and easy!

Login to GovTEAMS and enter the 6-digit code in the reconfirm email. 

What happens if I don't verify?

Don't worry you can pick up right where left off even though your account has been deactivated, your profile information and community memberships are still in the system. 

You can reactivate at any time! 

What happens if I've moved organisations or my email has changed?

If you’ve moved organisations and no longer have access to the email address listed above, you can update it below. You’ll be sent an email to the new address to confirm the change.