How Do I - Setup iOS device for GovTEAMS PROTECTED

Who can use this feature?

  • Everyone

    Access via desktop often provides a better experience. Contact your organisation administrators (select your name on your GovTEAMS PROTECTED dashboard) to learn about the alternative access options available to you..


Before you start, make sure you have access to the mobile device that has Microsoft Authenticator installed and configured for GovTEAMS PROTECTED.

  1. Install and open Microsoft Teams.
  2. Select Use another account and log in with your GovTEAMS PROTECTED account (ending in
  3. A number will be displayed on your computer. Enter the number into Microsoft Authenticator on your mobile device and select Yes.
  4. On your iOS device, download and install Microsoft Authenticator and register your device.
  5. On your iOS device, open Teams and set a pin.
  6. Install the following if needed:
    1. M365 app to edit documents,
    2. Edge to navigate sites, and
    3. SharePoint to access your community sites.


Downloadable Resources:

Set Up iOS Device to use GovTEAMS PROTECTED


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can I use a shared device?

We recommend avoiding the use of shared devices as this can cause issues with authentication.

If using a shared device, we recommend accessing the device well ahead of any meetings to ensure that it is ready to go, and all updates have been performed.

If you are having issues logging into an app, you may need to delete and re-install the apps.

Can I access GovTEAMS PROTECTED via browser on iOS?

Some Microsoft applications can be accessed via the Edge browser – this includes SharePoint, OneDrive, Word and Excel.

Teams and Outlook are only accessible via the iOS apps and not in the browser.

Please note: Microsoft Edge is the only supported browser on iOS. You will need to sign into Edge to access the available services.

Are there other ways I can access GovTEAMS PROTECTED?

The access options available to you are determined by your agency. Contact your organisation administrators to learn about the alternative access options available to you.  You can see who they are by selecting your name on your GovTEAMS PROTECTED Dashboard.

organisation administrators can be found by selecting your initials on the GovTEAMS protected dashboard