How Do I - Update my Account

Who can use this feature?

  • Full Access Members can change their name, department/agency, occupation, level and email address.
  • External Members can update their name, employer and occupation/job title.

Full Access Members

External Members

When you move to another department, you can simply update your account to reflect these changes. You should not create a new one.

  1. Log in to the GovTEAMS PROTECTED Dashboard.
  2. Select the Pen icon.
  3. Update your information as required.
  4. Select Update.

To update your email address:

  1. In the Email address field, delete your old email and replace it with your new one.
  2. Select Update.

Please note:

  • You can’t change your email address to a non-government email address.
  • If you are changing your email domain (i.e. the bit after the @), a notification email will be sent to the owners of any private or hidden communities that you are a member of.
  • You can’t change your email address to an address that is already associated with an existing GovTEAMS PROTECTED account.


Video: Update your account - Members (no audio)



Downloadable Resources:

  1. Log in to the GovTEAMS PROTECTED Dashboard.
  2. Select the Pen icon.
  3. Select the Pen icon.
  4. Update your information as required.
  5. Select Update.
  6. Make changes where required.
  7. Select Save.


Video: Update your account - external members (no audio)



Downloadable Resources:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I have moved between Australian Public Service (APS) agencies, what should I do?

If your account is active

Follow the steps above to edit your profile page. Select your agency then save. Go back to edit your profile and then change your email address. A verification email will be sent to the new address. Follow the prompts to confirm your new email.

If your account is Inactive 

Log into your GovTEAMS PROTECTED Dashboard. The reactivate your account screen will display. Select Has your email address changed? to enter your new email address. This will trigger an email to be sent to your new agency. Follow the instructions in the email to reactivate your account. Once reactivated you can then update your agency by following the instructions above.

If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact us to request an agency transfer.

Please note: most agencies require approval before assigning a GovTEAMS PROTECTED license. If your account has a status of Pending License it means that it is awaiting an Organisation Administrator from your agency to allocate a licence.  You will need to contact your Organisation Administrators for further information. You can see they are by selecting your name on your GovTEAMS PROTECTED Dashboard.

organisation administrators