How Do I - Create Meetings

Who can use this feature?

  • Everyone can create meetings.


Only GovTEAMS PROTECTED members (full or external) can join GovTEAMS PROTECTED meetings and webinars. As the organiser you will need to invite your agency/work email to ensure you receive a calendar invite.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams app or Teams on the web and log in with your GovTEAMS PROTECTED account (ending in
  2. Select the calendar icon from the left hand rail.
  3. Select New Meeting.
  4. Enter a Title.
  5. Begin typing the name of the individual you wish to invite. Teams will display a drop-down menu containing all GovTEAMS PROTECTED members matching the entered name. Select their name from the provided options. Only GovTEAMS PROTECTED members (external or full access) can be invited to meetings.
  6. Set the meeting schedule by specifying a date and time or use the scheduling assistant.
  7. Fill in the remaining details and save your changes.



Video: Create meeting (no audio)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I do not see my calendar in Microsoft Teams

Make sure that you are logged into teams with your GovTEAMS PROTECTED account (ending in

What settings can be changed in meetings?

Meeting options can be changed to add structure to your meetings and to control the level of interactivity attendees have. They can be changed before, during or after the meeting.

The following options can be changed:

  • Who can bypass the lobby.
  • Join and leave announcements.
  • Co-organisers (note: co-organisers cannot reschedule meetings).
  • Who can present.
  • Allow Camera and microphone.
  • Record automatically.
  • Meeting chat availability.
  • Reactions.
  • Language interpretation.
  • Attendance reports.
What is the difference between meetings and webinars?


Use when: You need real-time collaboration and interaction among a small group of team members or stakeholders.

Ideal for: Daily stand-ups, project meetings, brainstorming sessions, team collaboration, client consultations, and small group discussions where immediate feedback and collaboration are required.


Use when: You need to deliver a presentation or training to a large audience with limited interaction.

Ideal for: educational seminars, product demonstrations, marketing presentations, and training sessions where one or more presenters share information with a large audience, and participants mainly listen or watch without active participation.

How many people can join a meeting?

Meetings: up to 300

Webinars: up to 1,000 interactive participants

Who can be invited to meetings/webinars?

Only GovTEAMS PROTECTED members can be invited to meetings or webinars. To join the meeting/webinar, they must be logged in with their GovTEAMS PROTECTED account.

I am the meeting organiser; how do I ensure the meeting displays in my work/agency calendar?

As the meeting organiser you should always make sure you invite your agency/work email address. This ensures that the meeting will be added to your work calendar.

Can I create a meeting that can be rescheduled by others?

Yes. You need to create a group/community meeting using Outlook Online.  Group meetings can be rescheduled and administered by all members of your community. They are similar to channel meetings in Microsoft Teams, but you have the flexibility to choose whether to invite community members. 

Please see the Outlook online section of the Meetings - Guide.

Can I add a calendar delegate?

Yes. Outlook Online can be used by delegates, such as Executive Assistants, to manage your  GovTEAMS PROTECTED meetings and calendar. Adding someone as a delegate will allow them to view your GovTEAMS PROTECTED calendar and create, respond to, and modify meetings on your behalf. The delegate must be a registered GovTEAMS member. 

Please see the Outlook online section of the Meetings - Guide.