Activate your account

You’ll be sent an activation email. Keep an eye on your work email inbox, junk and spam folders (just in case!) 

  1. Click activate account in your email (or copy and paste the link into your web browser). 
  2. One of two screens may appear:
    • Sign in – if you’ve never used Office 365 before you’ll land on a screen with a blank username field.
    • Pick an account – you’ll see your other Office 365 account, ignore these and click on use another account.  
    • Sign in using your new username and enter the password you used to create your account. 
  3. more information required screen shows, click next.

Forgotten your password? Click on forgot my password and complete the fields required.

If you’re a guest, you’ll login with the email you registered with. 

If that email belongs to an existing Microsoft account, then you must use the password for that Microsoft account to access GovTEAMS.

Remember DO NOT USE your government work email address to sign in.
Last modified: February 21, 2019