Locked/Blocked accounts

If you have previously registered for an account and did not set up your Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA), your account may have been locked/blocked. MFA is an important security feature that keeps the GovTEAMS platform safe and secure for all users. When you first sign in to your account, you are prompted to set up MFA. As a security precaution, your account may have been locked/blocked to avoid the risk of your account becoming compromised.

Alternatively, your account may have been locked/blocked if you asked us to reset your MFA and you did not set up a new authentication method.  

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How do I unlock/unblock my account?

If you need ongoing access to your GovTEAMS account, you will need to contact us requesting that your account be unlocked/unblocked. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your account status, please contact us