How do I - Invite Others

Who can use this feature?
Community owners.

Community Owners

Community owners can invite anyone to their community, even if they're not already registered. Communities can have up to 25,000 members.  Invite members from your GovTEAMS Dashboard or the Manage Community Tab in Microsoft Teams.  

  1. Log in to your GovTEAMS Dashboard
  2. Select the Invite members icon on the community card of the team/community you want to invite members to. 
  3. Start typing the name of the person you want to invite to see if they are a GovTEAMS member. 


    1. Existing member - select their name from the drop down. 
    2. Name is not found - type their email address into the field and select to invite. 


  4. Select Send invite.  
  5. The people you invite will receive an email notification to ask them to join your community. If they do not have an existing account, they will appear as a pending invitation until they register an account. 



Video: Invite others (no audio)


Downloadable Resources:

Community Owners - Invite others to your community


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How many members can I have in my community?

Each community can have up to 25,000 members.

Who can be invited to join my GovTEAMS community?

You can invite anyone to your community, including your external partners, even if they're not already registered. When you invite someone to your community, they will be invited to join GovTEAMS (if they don’t already have an account). 

The level of access that they will have to GovTEAMS will vary depending on their membership type. APS staff with a email address will have Full Access Memberships, giving them access to the full suite of tools and services that GovTEAMS has to offer. External stakeholders can join as a Partner (paid) or as a Guest (free) with limited access. For more information on the different membership types please visit our Memberships page.

Who can be promoted to community owner?

GovTEAMS Members and Partners can be promoted to community owner.