GovTEAMS Acceptable Use Conditions

To register and use GovTEAMS you must read and accept these Acceptable Use Conditions.

If you are uncomfortable with these Acceptable Use Conditions or do not understand them, please contact us.

Information Security Requirements

GovTEAMS OFFICIAL is accredited to hold material with a protective marking up to and including OFFICIAL: Sensitive. It may be used to hold the following ACCESS-marked information:

  • Personal Privacy;
  • Legal Privilege; and
  • Legislative Secrecy

Users must not enter or hold CLASSIFIED information in GovTEAMS OFFICIAL.

GovTEAMS PROTECTED has an Authority to Operate to hold material with a protective marking up to and including PROTECTED. Users must not enter or hold information above the PROTECTED classification in GovTEAMS PROTECTED. Users should only share information with other GovTEAMS PROTECTED users on a strict need to know basis. Persons using mobile devices (laptops and Apple IoS phones/iPADs) must also familiarise themselves with ACSC advice at Travelling Overseas With Electronic Devices | and Security Tips for Personal Devices |

Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF)

Further information on the Australian Government security classification system is available from Protective Security Policy Framework.

State and Territory government agencies that hold or access Commonwealth security classified information must apply the PSPF to that information consistent with arrangements agreed between the Commonwealth, States and Territories. This is consistent with a Memorandum of Understanding between the Commonwealth and the States and Territories (2007) which is a formal agreement that any national security information held by the parties will be treated according to the PSPF.


GovTEAMS is administered by the Commonwealth of Australia represented by the Department of Finance. The Department of Finance's general Privacy Policy is available here.

Finance has also issued a specific Privacy Notice relating to the collection, use, disclosure, and information in connection with the GovTEAMS platform. You should ensure that you read and understand the GovTEAMS Privacy Notice.

Platform behavior principles

By using GovTEAMS, you acknowledge that:

  • You must use GovTEAMS for proper purposes

GovTEAMS is a secure online collaboration platform for government employees and their invited external guests to perform government related functions. You should exercise good judgment when deciding whether to use GovTEAMS for a particular purpose.

For example, it may be reasonable to use GovTEAMS OFFICIAL to organise social activities that promote collaboration for work purposes or to communicate with a family member in the same manner that you would on your work email system.

  • You must use GovTEAMS in accordance with the APS Code of Conduct

If you are a member of the Australian Public Service, you are bound by the APS Code of Conduct while using GovTEAMS. Further, all invited guests are expected to act consistently with the APS Code of Conduct.

  • You must not use GovTEAMS for private gain

GovTEAMS is provided for official use

Microsoft’s Acceptable Use Policy

GovTEAMS uses Microsoft Office 365 as its underlying technology platform. By using GovTEAMS, you acknowledge that you must understand and follow Microsoft's Acceptable Use Policy.


APS employees can invite external members (private sector, other tiers of government, academics and international partners) to GovTEAMS PROTECTED communities. External members will be associated with you as the inviter, and your agency as sponsor. (External members carry an Office365 license. As the partner, your agency will be charged a licence fee).

Other user obligations

You must not:

  • Allow anyone to access or use your GovTEAMS account

You should keep your account details, including username and password and Multi Factor Authentication, secure at all times. It is good practice to 'log out' of the user pages when access is no longer required in a session.

  • Use GovTEAMS to participate in any illegal activity

This includes transmitting material that is unlawful, defamatory, obscene, or offensive, that harasses or may cause distress or inconvenience to another person or that constitutes or encourages conduct that would contravene any law.

  • Disclose or use private or confidential information that you access within GovTEAMS

You should not use GovTEAMS other than for the proper purpose for which it has been made available or as necessary to comply with any law.

Other user obligations

You must notify the community owners if:

  • you see any misuse of GovTEAMS;
  • you have found a document in GovTEAMS OFFICIAL which is classified higher than OFFICIAL: Sensitive;
  • you have found a document in GovTEAMS PROTECTED which is classified higher than PROTECTED; or
  • you become aware or suspect that your account details have been compromised.

GovTEAMS Accounts

You must:

  • Create only one GovTEAMS account and keep it up to date and active.

Keep your account information up to date, including by updating your account's email address if you move from one agency to another. If your account is inactive, it may be suspended or closed by Finance; and

  • Use your individual work email address when creating your GovTEAMS account.

The email address used must not be a group mailbox. All GovTEAMS usage must be traceable to a single user for auditing purposes.


By accessing GovTEAMS OFFICIAL as a Partner you:  

  • must comply with all reasonable requests from the Department of Finance as the GovTEAMS OFFICIAL system owner.   
  •  are limited to using GovTEAMS OFFICIAL solely for the purpose stated in your approved application form.  
  • can only use GovTEAMS OFFICIAL for the purposes of engaging with the Commonwealth/Australian Public Service (APS)
  • may only access information in GovTEAMS OFFICIAL if you have a legitimate need to know, that is relevant to your engagement with the Commonwealth/APS.
  • must not make unsolicited contact with APS Full Access members or other guests. 
  • must not join open communities, unless you have received authorisation from the owners of the community you are seeking to join.
  • may not use any information found in GovTEAMS OFFICIAL for commercial, statistical or marketing/media purposes or in any way that will give you or any third party a commercial advantage.
  • must not distribute, transmit, reproduce, content, information or materials found on GovTEAMS OFFICIAL without prior written consent from the content owner.
  • have an obligation to promptly notify us if there are any changes to the circumstances that initially granted you access to GovTEAMS OFFICIAL as a Partner. This includes but is not limited to changes in your employment status or any other factors that would affect your eligibility to access GovTEAMS OFFICIAL. If you become aware of any such changes, you must immediately inform us and cease accessing GovTEAMS OFFICIAL until we confirm that you are still eligible to use it. Failure to comply with this obligation may result in the termination of your access to GovTEAMS OFFICIAL and may have other legal consequences.  

Finance as the platform owner reserves the right to terminate or restrict your Partner access to GovTEAMS OFFICIAL at any time and for any reason, without notice. Any breach of these acceptable use conditions may result in your APS sponsor being notified and may have other legal consequences.


These Acceptable Use Conditions operate in addition to the Terms of Use for the GovTEAMS website and any terms or conditions that apply to your use of any other government system.

We may revise these Acceptable Use Conditions from time to time. The latest Acceptable Use Conditions are published on the GovTEAMS website.