Open Communities

Converting a private or hidden community to Public/Open requires a review process, conducted by either the community owners or GovTEAMS support staff. 

Open communities are accessible to all members, who may join your community at any time without your approval. Any GovTEAMS member can also add files and content to your community without your knowledge or approval. All content is open and accessible to all GovTEAMS members and will appear in searches. The review process will help ensure that the conversion from private or hidden to open is appropriate for the content your community contains.


To make your community open you can either:

1. Log a ticket with our service desk who will assist you in reviewing and converting your community.

2. Create a new open community and manually move the appropriate content. This ensures that you are conducting your own review of the content prior to making it widely accessible.


When reviewing your content, you must consider the nature of the information, discussion, and files shared within the community. If any of the content is sensitive in nature, such as personal or confidential information, then the community must not be set to Open.

If the content is only relevant to a specific subset of people and not the broader GovTEAMS membership, it may be better to have a hidden or private community.


All Open communities need to be actively monitored and maintained by the community owners to ensure that nothing inappropriate or sensitive is posted.