Licences will be arranged by your organisation. Your organisation will tell us how many GovTEAMS OFFICIAL licences they need each year so you can focus on what's important, collaborating. 


What is included

Buying a licence gives members full access to all available features: 

Secure online workspace
  • Secure and compliant with government standards
  • Classified to OFFICIAL:Sensitive 
  • Create and own communities (open, private or hidden)
  • File sharing and co-authoring 
  • Discover communities and files 
Office 365 tools
  • Microsoft Teams – meet, chat and video call
  • SharePoint – share, structure and find information 
  • Office 365 apps – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote
  • Use on mobile, laptop or desktop 
  • Extra features – planner, forms and surveys, calendar, reports and presentations, events and more... 
Personal profile
  • Promote skills and experience 
  • Connect with members 
  • Discover members 


What do licences cost?

GovTEAMS OFFICIAL licences are $10 per user, per month. Guests are not allocated licences and are always free.

GovTEAMS OFFICIAL pricing is based on the organisation’s active members and levied every six months, in arrears.  

  • The minimum GovTEAMS OFFICIAL charge for an Active member is 1 month of use.  

  • Members that have a licence removed will not be deleted, reset or permanently removed from the GovTEAMS OFFICIAL tenancy.  

  • Data related to member activity, including, but not limited to Microsoft Teams messages and conversations, owned documents, emails and attachments, etc., will not be deleted from the GovTEAMS OFFICIAL tenancy when a member’s licence is removed.  

  • Reassignment of a licence to a previously licenced member will restore previous data ownership to that member. 

Under 100 Average Staffing Level

Commonwealth organisations with an Average Staffing Level (ASL) of 100 employees or less, will be exempt from paying GovTEAMS OFFICIAL licensing fees. Note, this does not mean the first 100 licences will be free to other organisations.

Existing Office 365 licences 

At this stage, Microsoft does not allow organisations to reuse their existing Office 365 licences to gain full access to GovTEAMS OFFICIAL. 

How do you purchase licences? 

  1. You must first self-register for a GovTEAMS guest account
  2. Contact GovTEAMS Support and request the licences (at least 2 licences required)
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions sent to you from the Department of Finance
  4. You'll be invoiced for the licences

For more information on state owners, please take a look at State Government Owner page