Your account type determines the access you have to the GovTEAMS Official service.

  • Full access member accounts are created for APS employees*. These accounts are allocated an Office 365 license, allowing them to access all Office 365 apps. Full access members can discover other communities, members and files, as well as create new communities.
  • Guest accounts are created for state government, local government and private sector employees. These accounts are not allocated an Office 365 license but can still access most Office 365 apps. Guests can only participate in (and collaborate with other members of) communities they have been invited to.

*If you’re a contractor with an Australian Public Service email address you can also register as a full access member.

State government employees are able to purchase a license to be provisioned a full access member account.


Your role determines your access and responsibilities within a particular community.

  • Owners create and maintain GovTEAMS OFFICIAL communities. They can invite or remove members, set community permissions and moderate content. Only full access members can become owners of a community.
  • Members participate in GovTEAMS OFFICIAL communities. Depending on the permissions set by community owners, members can post in a channel, edit documents and join an online meeting. Full access members or guests can participate as members of a community.