Create communities and bring teams together

‘I lead a government taskforce with employees from across Australia. Until now, it has been difficult to collaborate with the different teams in one place. GovTEAMS helps me to bring them together in an online workspace where we can meet, chat and co-author documents without having to be in the same office.’
Stephen Sanders, Human Resource Manager, Commonwealth Government

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Securely share and co-author files from anywhere, on any device

‘Not having access to internal systems can be frustrating. Being able to securely share and co-author files inside GovTEAMS removes this barrier, especially when we’re not on site. GovTEAMS helps to boost our productivity, so we can focus on what matters – delivering for our client.’
Andrew John, Private Sector Consultant

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Meet and chat using your mobile, tablet or desktop

‘When I’m travelling for work, GovTEAMS helps me stay connected with my team. Instead of bouncing emails back-and-forth, we’re able to connect with each other through instant chat and online meetings. I can connect instantly using the Teams app on my mobile.’
Jim Cassidy, Media Liaison Officer, Commonwealth Government

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Share news, updates and content with your communities

‘With GovTEAMS, I have built a community site using SharePoint Online – helping my teams stay up-to-date with recent activities, news and events. They can also search and find the information they need in the one spot. This has saved us time having to search through local folders.’
Stephen Sanders, Human Resource Manager, Commonwealth Government

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Grow your network by discovering and connecting with people

‘GovTEAMS allows me to connect with people across government helping me access skill, expertise and capabilities outside of my agency. I can connect with likeminded people who can help drive change and contribute to my projects. It’s like LinkedIn but for government. Having a personal Delve profile inside GovTEAMS also allows me to promote my own knowledge and experience.’
Ava Lawrence, Policy Officer, Commonwealth Government

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Why do I need GovTEAMS, my agency already has an 0365 tenancy?

GovTEAMS connects you with others across government, not just the people in your agency. There is nothing else like it in government. Find the people and skills you need in one place. Grow your network and unlock your potential by connecting with likeminded people. 

Can you invite people from private sector?

Members can invite private sector employees to their community as a guest for free. As a guest:

  • You’ll be able to take part in the community you have been invited to join.
  • You won't be able to create communities or invite or remove members.

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What happens to your GovTEAMS account when you change jobs?

You will still have access to your GovTEAMS account. When you register you get a username, @govteams to use when you login. If you move jobs, you will be able to login using your existing username (e.g. You need to ensure you update your email address in your account details as every 30 days you will be sent a code for you to put into your GovTEAMS account. This helps us to ensure you’re still working in the Australian Public Service and have the right account type. 

What is the file size upload limit?

File size upload limit is 15GB. 

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