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What classification level is GovTEAMS accredited for?

GovTEAMS has been security accredited for official information, up to OFFICIAL: Sensitive.

What should I do if classified information is mistakenly added to GovTEAMS?

Classified information such as Cabinet-in-Confidence and other PROTECTED information must not be held on GovTEAMS. In the event that classified information is mistakenly added to GovTEAMS, the following steps should be taken:

  • Remove all copies of the information from GovTEAMS immediately.
  • Record the date, time and location of the information as well as the type of official resources involved. If information is uploaded as an attachment, record the exact title of the attachment.
  • Complete the Report Breach form to notify the Department of Finance of the incident immediately. A member of our team will be in contact with you to follow up.
  • Follow your Agency’s relevant security policy.
    For more information refer to the Privacy and Security pages.

Who can access the content on GovTEAMS? 

Community access depends on the type of community:

  • Open - Easily discoverable, Members can join and participate at any time. 
  • Closed - Easily discoverable, however Members must request to join or be invited to join. The request must be approved by the community owner.  
  • Hidden - Not discoverable by anyone, Members must be invited to join hidden communities. 
    Guests must be invited to access a community.

Who can access my personal information? 

  • Any information on a users account (except email) can be view by a Member.
    Guests can also see all of a users account information if they are part of the same community.
    Only a community owner of a user's community can see their personal GovTEAMS email.