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Community guidelines 

Community owners must:

  • Monitor user behaviour and report Code of Conduct breaches, inappropriate behaviour and any event where information above the Unclassified DLM protective marker is uploaded to GovTEAMS.
  • Report or remove material submitted by a Member or Guest, which in the reasonable opinion of the community owner contravenes the GovTEAMS Terms of Use.
    • Content and comments on GovTEAMS are the responsibility of the person who made the post.
  • Respond to FOI requests.
  • Ensure the community always maintains a minimum of 2 active community owners.
  • Ensure Members can only access content and be involved in discussions on a need to know basis (particularly important for invited Members or Guests). This includes removing Members or Guests that no longer require access to the information held in the community.
  • Review access when notified that Member or Guest details have changed, such as moved agency or left the APS.

Freedom of Information 

More information will come in due course.