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GovTEAMS Profile

When you register for a GovTEAMS account, an Office 365 Delve profile is created using the information provided. 

As a member you can build your GovTEAMS profile to help others find you and to discover communities that may interest you. You can promote your skills, knowledge and experience in your profile. 

The information you provided when you create a GovTEAMS account will be pre-populated in your profile. You can choose what information you want to display to other members.

Updating your profile

Update your profile Office 365 Delve profile.

Login to GovTEAMS

Click on the Office 365 app launcher on the top right screen.

– see delve support. 
Select the left menu displays.    

Click on the Delve option.

Click on the Me option in the left menu

Click on the Update Profile option.

Hide your details

You will see a circle next to each information field.

Select the circle depending on information that you would like made visible or hidden to other members.

For further information how to hide your details see the Microsoft Office 365 support Delve App page.

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