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GovTEAMS classification

GovTEAMS is an OFFICIAL: Sensitive * accredited system. GovTEAMS is suitable for holding official information not intended for public release, i.e. OFFICIAL, and OFFICIAL; Sensitive.  Information at PROTECTED and above must not be held on GovTEAMS.

Agencies (via their Community Owners) are responsible for ensuring that information published on their community is labelled and handled in accordance with the Australian Government’s Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) and does not exceed the security rating of GovTEAMS.

For more information refer to the Privacy and Security pages.

* OFFICIAL: Sensitive prior to October 1 2018 was UNCLASSIFIED (DLM)

How to set an account/profile to private?

On registration, GovTEAMS asked you to provide some personal information, for example, your name and contact details (optional). These details cannot be set to private or hidden.

Profile information, consisting of skills, expertise, interest and hobbies can be hidden at a member level through your Microsoft Delve profile.

Refer to Microsoft Delve Support for instruction on how keep some profile information private.

For more information on the visibility of your GovTEAMS account see Access Information.

How to protect an account?

You can protect your account by:

  • Using a different password for each service and website 
  • ​Using a 'strong' password 
  • Not sharing any personal information
  • Being careful when opening links or attachments in emails 
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