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What is a hidden community? 

A hidden community is not discoverable by anyone. Hidden communities are private and members must be invited to join these communities. 

How to setup a hidden community

To create a hidden community follow the instructions on the How to create a community page.

How to find who is a Member of a hidden community 

You must first be invited to join a hidden community to be able to see details of the community.

See  below for the steps to find out who is a member of a hidden community:

Step 1:Login to GovTEAMS and find the community card.

Step 2: Click on the community card. The community's detail will display in the right hand pane. 

Step 3: Click on View community details and membership

Step 4: The community details are displayed:

  • The number of members in the community
  • Community type
  • The names of the community owners and members


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