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As a Commonwealth Government employee, you are eligible to register for a GovTEAMS account. If you're unsure whether this applies to you, check your eligibility here.

If you're a state government employee you are eligible to register as a Guest. You’ll be added to a state demo community where you can try it out for yourself.

Non-Commonwealth government employees, (local government or private sector industry partners) are ineligible to self-register for a GovTEAMS account and must be invited by a community member. Your GovTEAMS community invitation will be sent to you by email and, when activated, will only give you access to the community you have been invited to join.


Once you have checked if you are eligible you will be taken to a screen to review and accept the terms and conditions, before entering your registration details.

Enter your details

Fill in the Your Details form to create a GovTEAMS account:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address - Commonwealth Government employees must use their work email address, this will provide you with full access. All other email addresses will be registered with Guest access. (Group email addresses cannot be used)
  • Department - The entity that employs you.
  • Occupation/Job Title
  • Level/Classification - This field is optional. It is not used to determine access
  • Password - This is the password to login to GovTEAMS.
  • Click Next at the bottom of the form and an Activation email will be sent to the nominated email address.

You can update this information once logged in. 

The information captured in Your Details is used to suggest communities that may interest you.


Verify your email address

Once you have registered you'll receive an Activation email. This includes your GovTEAMS Username. Make sure you save it. If you don't receive an email check your spam or junk mail folder. 

In the Activation email, click on the Activate account button. A web browser will open.

Microsoft Office 365 will guide you through a multi-step process to set up and verify your details.

Complete the following steps: 

  • Click Sign in if this is the first time creating an account or click on Use Another Account if you have multiple accounts. 
  • Enter the your username, provided in the Activation email.
  • Enter the password used to create the account.
    • Forgot password - Click on Forgot my Password and complete the fields as required.
  • Click on Set Up Now and the Additional security verification screen will show.


Multi-factor authentication process

You'll be required to complete the Additional security verification steps to activate your account.

Select one of the contact options - Authentication phone or Mobile App


Authentication Phone

To use this verification method, you must have access to a mobile phone that can receive messages. 

Select your country or region e.g. Australia (+61) and enter the mobile phone number. 

Select the method:

  • Send me a code by text message (or)
  • Call me - An automated service will call you and provide a security code.

Click Next.

Enter the code supplied, click Verify and then click Done


Mobile App

To use this verification method, you must set up the Microsoft Authenticator App:

Select the contact method:

  • Receive notifications for verification

  • User verification code

Click Setup - A Configure Mobile App screen shows. Follow the instructions listed on the screen for setting up the Mobile Application verification and click Next


Verify the account

To make sure you can reset your password, Microsoft need to collect some information.

Next to Authentication Phone is set up to +61 XXX click Verify.

Please verify the authentication phone number shown by choosing an option:

  • Text me - To receive a text to the mobile number listed.
  • Call me - To receive an automated call to verify the number supplied.

Enter the code provided, click verify and then click finish


You can find more information here on multi-factor authentication (MFA) in GovTEAMS and how you can change your MFA option.


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