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Discover communities

Members can search for communities in GovTEAMS which are OPEN or CLOSED. HIDDEN communities are not discoverable.
Guests will not be able to search for communities 

To search for a community:

  • Go to GovTEAMS and enter the search term in the Search Communities textbox.
  • A list of communities that are OPEN or CLOSED will be displayed. HIDDEN communities will not be displayed.
  • Click on the community that you are interested in and the communities details will be displayed.
  • Depending on the community type, you will have the option to join or request to join the community.

Suggested Communities

As a GovTEAMS member, GovTEAMS will suggest communities that may be of interest to you based on your account/profile information ​​​​​​(e.g. skills, and experience, hobby, interests). Guests will not have communities suggested to them.

These suggestions will appear in GovTEAMS under Communities that may be of interest.

To change the type of communities that are suggested, update your profile information in GovTEAMS account.

    How to join an open or closed community

    In GovTEAMS select the request access icon on the community card:

    • OPEN - select the community card and then select Join this community from the pane.  You will be notified when you have been successfully added to the community. This may take up to an hour or longer.
    • CLOSED - select the community card and then select Request to join this community from the pane. A request will be sent to the community owners and if approved you will be added to the community and notified.

    How to change who can discover your community

    You can only change the discoverability of your community if you are a community owner. See the Access Information page

    To change your community's settings go to GovTEAMS:

    • Select Manage this community icon from the community card and select Edit community (or)
    • Select the community card then select Edit community from the information pane.
    • Change the community type.


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