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How to run a community

As a community owner, you are responsible for:

  • Creating the appropriate type of community. Ensure you select the appropriate community type for your community. To find out the community types in GovTEAMS, please click here. 

  • Assisting new Members. Provide support to new members in your community.

  • Carefully considering who is invited to the community. You should consider if the information in the community is appropriate for the invited Member/Guest. 

  • Creating valuable communities to collaborate with others. Think about whether a new community needs to be created or if an existing community can be used.

  • Building your community to its full potential. Take the time to work on the community so Members get the most value out of collaborating.

Community owners terms and conditions 

By creating a community in GovTEAMS, you will be the community owner and this comes with roles and responsibilities.
You will be responsible for:

  • Monitoring user behaviour and reporting Code of Conduct breaches, inappropriate behaviour and any event where information above the Unclassified DLM protective marker is uploaded to GovTEAMS.
  • Reporting or removing material submitted by a Member or Guest, which in the reasonable opinion of the community owner contravenes the GovTEAMS Terms of Use.
    • Content and comments on GovTEAMS are the responsibility of the person who made the post.
  • Responding to FOI requests.
  • Ensuring the community always maintains a minimum of 2 active community owners.
  • Ensuring Members can only access content and be involved in discussions on a need to know basis (particularly important for invited Members or Guests). This includes removing Members or Guests that no longer require access to the information held in the community.
  • Reviewing access when notified that Member or Guest details have changed, such as, moved agency or left the APS.