SharePoint pages include: 

  • Text
  • Embed images
  • Links
  • Lists
  • Other apps

Each page is saved in your site page library:

  1. Click site contents page.


  1. Click the setting cog.
  2. Select the site contents.

Document library  

A document library provides a secure place to store files where you and other community members can find them easily, work on them together and access them from any device at any time. 

Community owners can create more document libraries and folders to organise files, as well as applying different settings and permissions.

For additional information about SharePoint site settings and permissions, check out the Microsoft support material:

Don't forget - A document folder will be automatically created in SharePoint for every channel created in the community's Team.

Publish a SharePoint page

When editing a page in SharePoint, community owners can save changes as a draft. 

From the editor, selecting save and close will keep your changes but can only be viewed by yourself or other community owners. When you are ready for the rest of your community to see changes simply click publish from the top right corner.

If you are publishing a page for the first time, you’ll see a few additional options such as adding the page to the navigation, saving as a template or post as a news item! 
Last modified: March 17, 2020