Host online meetings

You can host meetings anywhere, anytime in Teams.

To schedule an online meeting:

  1. Download the Teams app
  2. Log into the app using your GovTEAMS username (ending in and password
  3. Click the calendar icon on the left side menu
  4. Select new meeting
  5. Complete the meeting details form and click save

For an improved user experience, meeting participants should also download the Teams app.

To join an online meeting:

  1. Click the calendar icon on the left side menu
  2. Click the meeting invite in your calendar in Teams
  3. Select join 
  4. Change your preferences to suit your need
    • Turn on or off your camera
    • Blur your background
    • Turn on or off your microphone
  5. Click join now

Once you are in the meeting you can:

  • Share your screen*
  • Collaborate on meeting notes
  • Record your meeting

*Important – DO NOT share your screen during an online meeting with people who are not cleared to see the information, or this could lead to a security breach. 

Last modified: March 23, 2020