Case study / March 01, 2019

Members feel confident using GovTEAMS

man using laptop

Andrew John is an Assistant Director in a legal team at the Department of Finance. For Andrew, the decision to register for GovTEAMS wasn’t about creating a personal profile or networking with other members, but rather streamlining processes within a secure environment.

On a daily basis, Andrew and his colleagues share files with a private sector law firm, engaged by the Department of Finance, to assist with the team’s workload. Sending several emails back and forth, was becoming unmanageable and difficult to monitor. After sending an email to an incorrect contact, Andrew decided it was time to take control of how files were transferred to his external colleagues.

As Andrew explained:

“My team and I feel confident in knowing that GovTEAMS is secure, so we regularly use it to share files with our private sector colleagues. Using GovTEAMS has saved us time. We no longer send emails back and forth – they’re too difficult to track.”

So, why did Andrew decide to use GovTEAMS in the first place?

“You can add a layer of protection by setting up two-factor authentication. Access your work securely from desktop, web and mobile.” (Andrew John, Finance).

  1. Collaborate on files with his colleagues: Microsoft Teams makes it easy to share files within channels. If the files are Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Visio your colleagues can view and edit the files within Teams and see the changes being made in real-time.
  2. Secure and trusted: Designed with multiple layers of protection, GovTEAMS is secure and compliant with government standards. Hosted on Microsoft Azure and Office 365 and certified by the Australian Signal Directorate, GovTEAMS is IRAP assessed and accredited to Official: Sensitive classification.
Members feel confident using GovTEAMS