Govteams tip / February 28, 2019

Get people engaged in your community!

GovTEAMS is a network that is formed by thousands of communities and individuals who have their own service requirements and experiences.  As a newly joined member of GovTEAMS, Carol has enthusiastically established a Community of Practice (CoP) and has invited 100 colleagues who have previously communicated with her via email. Although enjoying GovTEAMS, Carol is having issues in motivating members to contribute to the conversation within her CoP.

“Using GovTEAMS frees up my email and I can prioritise my work in a completely different way now.”

Q: What is the purpose of your CoP, Carol and how many people are currently involved? 
A: The purpose of the CoP is to network with subject matter experts and to create a channel where resources and guidance materials can be shared and discussed. 

There are 100 contributors.  

Q: Before GovTEAMS, how were you communicating with your colleagues? 
A: We were using email and it was becoming unrealistic to maintain conversation and email traffic! With 100 active contributors, it does not take long for emails to become overwhelming and confusing.  

Q: What do you like about GovTEAMS? 
A: For me, it is ideal that I can keep files, conversations and contacts in one spot. It is an information depository that I can access at any point in time. It frees up my email and I can prioritise my work in a completely different way now, rather than dealing with ad-hoc requests that appear in my email, I can focus on set tasks until I am ready to log onto GovTEAMS and work on issues raised in the CoP. 

Q: Are you experiencing any issues with GovTEAMS? 
A: Our community consists of members who are not very technically savvy. I am finding that they just won’t interact over GovTEAMS – even when I transfer a (previously lively) email conversation to the new community, they stop interacting with each other. 

Tips and Tricks

Add some fun to your chats 

Add some character to your group chats by including emojis, memes, and stickers.  
Here’s how: 

  • Select Teams, and then select a channel. 
  • Select :-) in your compose message box /text editor. 
  • Select a sticker, enter a fun caption and select Done. 
  • @mention co-workers before you send the message, and then press Enter.
Microsoft Teams

Get some attention! 

If your team isn’t noticing posts/information and responding the way you would like, maybe they’re not seeing your work! Add @team name and @channel name to get everybody’s attention. 

Encourage members to turn on channel notifications and they will be notified when a new message is posted to a channel (right click on a channel name and choose “Follow this channel”). 

Ensure that you are personally active in channels. If you’re not an active contributor, your community members will not be either. 

Don’t forget to ‘thumbs up’ articles, comments, posts to let your community know that you have seen their contribution!

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Tips and tricks to start the conversation.