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Welcome to GovTEAMS beta

We are excited to finally reveal GovTEAMS beta! Working closely with a number of government agencies, we have designed a service that will transform the way we all work together. Your feedback will assist us in making the next release of GovTEAMS even better.


But first…

Are you a Commonwealth Government employee with an active and accessible Commonwealth Government email address? Check your eligibility to use GovTEAMS.


Full Access Members (Members)

As a Commonwealth Government employee you will have Member’s access to all the exciting features that are available in GovTEAMS. You can create a personal profile that will move with you throughout your Australian Public Service career and can be updated at any time. By including your skills, experience and interests in your GovTEAMS profile, your experience will be personalised and you can be connected with communities and individuals who have the same skills and experience as you.

Be our Guest

GovTEAMS Members can invite externals to access a community as a Guest user.

Guest users are employees of:

  • Local, state and territory government
  • Government Business Enterprise
  • Private Sector

Guests can only access communities they have been invited to join.


It’s all about the features

GovTEAMS offers its Members a range of new and exciting features and functionality, allowing government employees and their industry partners to connect, share and work together across organisational and geographical boundaries.

The core features of the service include:


Personal profiles:
  • Create an online profile that will stay with you throughout your APS career.
  • Promote your skills, experiences and interests.
  • Connect with like-minded people.
  • Structure and share information in a meaningful way that is easy to use, manage and find.
  • Invite external guests to your community.
  • Create and discover other communities.
Connect and share:
  • Instantly connect by using Microsoft Teams to chat, audio/video call and start online meetings with individuals and groups.
  • Share information, news, documents and events using SharePoint.
Office 365:
  • Connect and collaborate from anywhere, at any time using Office 365 free apps.
  • Create, share and co-author documents on the go.
  • Access content, conversations and tasks on any device.
  • Secure and compliant with government standards.
  • Hosted on the cloud and secure to Unclassified DLM (e.g. FOR-OFFICIAL-USE).


The fine print

The production release of GovTEAMS is scheduled for 1 January 2019 and will require Commonwealth Government agencies to pay user membership fees for licencing and service administration costs.

GovTEAMS will be offered free of charge for the remainder of 2018, in which time, agencies should assess whether it provides value and meets their needs. Our aim during beta is to develop a flexible fee structure that meets the needs of all stakeholders and will be primarily based upon service uptake numbers. We are unable to give exact costing details at this point, however the below information has been provided as an indication of how the GovTEAMS fee structure will operate:

  • Fee details will be finalised before the production release of GovTEAMS and will be managed at a whole of government level through the Volume Sourcing Agreement (VSA) with Microsoft.

  • In most instances memberships will be available in bundles of 500 and paid on a 6 monthly basis.

  • A maximum fee of $6.75 per month has been set as an indication of cost per user.

  • There will be no fee charged for guests (external users) to access a GovTEAMS community the have been invited to join.

  • The final fee will be set before the system goes live on 1 January 2019 and will be subject to annual review.

  • GovTEAMS users are encouraged to provide feedback about the service via the site, which will continually improve over time


You asked and we listened

We know you’re going to like GovTEAMS, because it has been designed with you in mind. Working with a number of government agencies we have developed a service to not only replace the ageing GovDEX platform, but to transform the way we work together.


Don’t just take our word for it…

“Congrats on the new platform and thanks for making it easier for government to share and collaborate. This is really important work!” (J.K, Digital Transformation Agency).

 “The integrations with other apps look really good, especially to Jira and Trello.” (M.N, Digital Transformation Agency).

“Wow! GovTEAMS is going to be a real game changer to the way we work internally in the APS and also how we work with our external colleagues.” (S.S, Department of Home Affairs).


Without further delay…

GovTEAMS will transform the way you work by providing you with the tools you need to collaborate, connect and share. Get started on GovTEAMS!