Get the most out of MURAL

Here are some hints for getting the best out of MURAL
  • There are numerous templates and frameworks that you can apply to your board to suit your needs
  • Facilitators have superpowers to make running workshops and meetings easier
  • Use the timer to have effective brainstorming sessions
  • Great for team building and icebreakers for new projects and ideas
  • Use the outline feature to organise sections within the board so you and your collaborators can easily navigate around
Types of Collaborators
Members in MURAL are collaborators within the GovTEAMS environment who are part of a Government Agency and have an username. They can create, manage, invite others and export MURALS, publish templates and create and manage rooms.

Guests in MURAL are the same as they are in GovTEAMS. You will be able to invite these individuals to collaborate in your boards.
Guests cannot: invite others, create or manage rooms, create, duplicate, or export murals, publish templates or push murals to a touchscreen.

Visitors have been turned off in GovTEAMS for security reasons

Facilitators have incredible superpowers which allow them to facilitate workshops with ease. If you created a mural, by default you are a facilitator.

Customise Your Meeting

OUTLINE - Organise your content for easier navigating by arranging them in an outline.

HIDE & REVEAL - Hide steps in the Outline that you're not ready to share. Reveal them as you go.

FACILITATOR LOCK - Ensure no one will move content during a session.

CUSTOMISE AVATARS - Determine the experience your participating visitors have

PUBLISH TEMPLATES - Create a pre-made MURAL for repeated sessions.


Run Structured Sessions

SUMMON PARTICIPANTS - Bring the group back together to where you are in the canvas.

TAKE CONTROL - Keep the group together as you guide members through the canvas.

LASER POINTER - Highlight specific areas on the canvas as you're presenting content. 

HIDE CURSORS - Eliminate clutter from your view as your teams collaborate within large groups.

TIMER - Time box activities and keep them running on track.


Increase Engagement from All Collaborators

VOTING - Prioritise or reach consensus through anonymous voting.

PRIVATE MODE - Generate new ideas and avoid group think.

REACTIONS - Provide non-verbal feedback to your session partipants while having fun.

CELEBRATE - Celebrate successes in your mural with confetti.

A number of short training videos are available within MURAL to help build your skills, they also have a learning section on their website MURAL Learning | MURAL