We have teamed up with MURAL to make your collaboration within GovTEAMS even more interactive and engaging! We've also included access to LUMA Workplace, a space to learn and apply human-centred design methods.

What is MURAL?

MURAL is a powerful and flexible visual collaborative intelligence system, using digital whiteboards, data templates (both from their library and you can build your own) and facilitator functions including voting and timers to drive engaging collaboration during workshops or meetings. MURAL isn’t limited to meetings and can be used at any time to visualise your thoughts.

In GovTEAMS, you can use MURAL however you choose – there are no limits to the number of MURAL whiteboards or the number of people that can collaborate on them, including Guests. Simply click here and sign up with your username. Note: Guests need to be invited to a GovTEAMS MURAL board before they can login. If you're a Guest use the email address you use to log in to GovTEAMS with.

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GovTEAMS is offering a free trial of MURAL + LUMA Workplace until 30 June 2023. Following the trial you'll have the option to purchase an ongoing licence to MURAL+LUMA in GovTEAMS.

Sign in now!

GovTEAMS members can sign into MURAL or LUMA with your user name and begin collaborating today.

GovTEAMS Guests need to be invited to a MURAL board and then login with the email address you use to log in to GovTEAMS.

If you are having issues with accessing or logging in, please contact us via our contact form

If you have any questions about how to use MURAL or LUMA Workplace, pop into our GovTEAMS Community and we can chat there

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The MURAL Collaborative Intelligence System also includes LUMA System, a unique framework of human-centred design. LUMA Workplace is a design thinking tool that provides templates, resources, tools, and training to elevate your design thinking skills. You can use LUMA templates and concepts in MURAL boards or independently. LUMA Institute is a recognised global leader that equips people to be collaborative problem solvers through its acclaimed learning experiences, digital resources, and certification programs. We will be offering MURAL and LUMA workshops via GovTEAMS in the near future.

MURAL boards can be shared by sending the link via chat messages, channel posts or email.

We have security assessed both MURAL and LUMA to OFFICIAL:Sensitive, and we use Enterprise MURAL licences which means all data is hosted on-shore.