Meeting Room Conferencing - Free Trial

GovTEAMS is pleased to announce the trial of our new Meeting Room Conferencing feature which will let you use your existing video-capable meeting equipment to meet on GovTEAMS. The free trial is available until 31 August 2022. Upon completion of the trial this feature will be offered as a paid service.

What is Meeting Room Conferencing?

We are trialling Meeting Room Conferencing because we know that many workplaces already have meeting rooms with video conferencing equipment that isn't natively compatible with the Microsoft Teams meetings we use in GovTEAMS. For agencies that participate in the trial, your existing video conferencing equipment may now be used to join GovTEAMS meetings.

Meeting Room Conferencing will improve the meeting experience for many users, particularly as we move to a hybrid working model where some staff are working from the office and some staff are working from home.

The trial will help us to understand and fine tune your experience, as well as determine how many of you are likely to need it.

How could you use it?

Meeting rooms that have video conferencing devices (such as CISCO, Poly and LifeSize) could be used to join GovTEAMS meetings directly via existing equipment.

Illustration of two people collaborating

Why is GovTEAMS Meeting Room Conferencing needed?

As the workforce moves to hybrid working arrangements, many staff will be onsite at the office while others work from a remote location. Meeting Room Conferencing allows onsite staff to use existing video-capable meetings room to meet together and include remote staff or industry partners.

How can my organisation participate in the trial?

GovTEAMS is trialling Meeting Room Conferencing until the end of August 2022. If you would like to be part of the trial, please follow this link and complete the form: Join the trial

Technical Details

Meeting Room Conferencing uses Cloud Video Interop (CVI) to provide connections between existing on premise video conferencing devices and GovTEAMS. It enables standards-based meeting room devices using SIP and H.323 protocols such as CISCO, Poly and LifeSize to join GovTEAMS meetings.

No configuration will be required unless your agency has blocked external SIP dialling. You might need to designate an outbound location for your SIP route.

If you are unable to connect to the meeting, ask your internal IT team to get in touch with us through the contact us page.