GovTEAMS Training

Whether you’re new to GovTEAMS or a super user, there are a range of training solutions to meet your needs. 

Get private, hands-on training designed for you or your team from one of the GovTEAMS training partners. You can access on-site training, as well as online sessions where you and your team learn together in real-time, from anywhere.

What training is available?  

We have a range of GovTEAMS training options to meet your needs.  

Getting Started – learn the basics of GovTEAMS 

This course will teach you the basic functions in the GovTEAMS Dashboard and Microsoft Teams. You’ll get hands-on training to help you get started and understand GovTEAMS. 

Intermediate – take your GovTEAMS skills to the next level

Take your GovTEAMS skills to the next level by learning everything you need to know about setting up a SharePoint site, hosting an online meeting and using Office 365 tools to help you collaborate better in communities. 

Advanced – unlock your team’s potential

So, you’re an expert, let’s talk about getting your team to the next level. This course will explore complex features aimed at unlocking your team’s potential.  

Custom – tailored training for you

Let us tailor a training package that suits your needs.  

Find out more about training options.

How much does training cost? 

Everyone’s training requirements are different. For that reason, we ask that you complete the training form for a tailored quote. 

Training partners are located across Australia, however, if they are required to travel, you will need pay their travel costs (including accommodation, travel and meal allowance).  

Find out more about training costs.

What’s the process to book training? 

See the below process for procuring GovTEAMS training:

  1. Complete the training form.
  2. GovTEAMS will contact you to confirm the details (within 5 business days).  
  3. Agree to the quote provided (delegate approval required). 
  4. GovTEAMS will raise a Work Order with the chosen service provider. 
  5. Services to be provided by the training partner. 
  6. GovTEAMS will raise an invoice and send it to the organisation that received the services.  
  7. The organisation that received services will pay the invoice (within 30 days). 
  8. You’ll be given an opportunity to provide us with your feedback on the training. 

Find out more the process to book training.

Who are the training partners? 

Visit the training partner’s page to find out more.  

Last modified: March 02, 2021