Working from home

Now you can stay connected and productive from where ever you are. Learn how to use GovTEAMS to work remotely. We've included features, tips and tricks and support material to get you started.  

Your guide to working from home with GovTEAMS

With many organisations being thrust into remote work situations for the first time, they look to tools that can be deployed rapidly, scaled to handle entire workforces and are simple to use.

GovTEAMS can enhance your organisation’s internal remote access capability and reduce the load on your systems.

Utilising the latest onshore cloud technology, GovTEAMS can rapidly scale to accommodate access for the entire Australian Public Service workforce and their external partners in one shared workspace. GovTEAMS also allows state government employees to be invited as Guests, which can allow for more joined-up service delivery.

Features designed to help you

Designed to be easy to use, GovTEAMS features:

  • Quick community creation (in less than an hour) – bring teams together online, from across locations
  • Online meeting (large or small, audio and video) – perfect for times when meeting in groups isn’t possible
  • Live event broadcasting – stream live video to small or large audiences up to 10,000, with options such as intelligent live captioning
  • Real time document collaboration – work on documents together in real time, while separated by distance
  • Access to commonly used Microsoft Office 365 tools online (Words, Excel and PowerPoint) – Office 365 mobile apps give you the flexibility to work and stay connected from anywhere
  • Secure and trusted environment – share and access information rated up to OFFICIAL:Sensitive

How to get started 

Download the Getting Started Guide to learn the basic of GovTEAMS. We've also pulled together resources below, which step you through processes to get you up and running:

1. Steps to register

We've create guides to help you register and set up multi-factor authentication to keep your account secure. 

2. Create a community

Bring teams together from across organisations. Create a community and invite people. Teams and SharePoint are the main application you'll use.

3. Get familiar with your dashboard

Get familiar with your dashboard. Access communities, members, files and Microsoft tools from here. 

4. Get familiar with Teams

Teams is where real time collaboration happens. Host an online meeting, chat and co-author files.

Video guides

Host a meeting in GovTEAMS


Top tips to remember

  • Use a modern browser (Chrome or Microsoft Edge) – use these browsers for a better user experience
  • Download the Microsoft Teams app – for enhanced functionality download the Microsoft Teams app on your personal device and log in using your GovTEAMS credentials to collaborate from anywhere, anytime
  • Complete the registration process in one go  otherwise you might experience issues
  • Download the Microsoft Authentication app – to fast track your sign in process 
  • Set-up an additional security verification – just in case you lose your phone and still need access to the service
  • Log in with your GovTEAMS username ends – don’t use your government email address to log in to GovTEAMS

Support remote workers

Here's a quick checklist to help your organisation transition to remote working with GovTEAMS: 

  1. Make sure your organisation's network and employees devices are set-up to use GovTEAMS - Contact us for the Technical Pack
  2. Create a communications and training action plan to inform and educate employees about GovTEAMS, how it operates and its benefits
  3. Encourage everyone to install and use the Microsoft mobile apps
  4. Invite employees to your organisations community and use it as a central point for broadcasting information
  5. Set-up a help desk to deal with inquiries. Direct employees to GovTEAMS support for password resets


Last modified: March 02, 2021