Role of an Org admin

Org admins have access to special organisation management functions on the GovTEAMS dashboard to manage memberships, usage and licensing on behalf of your organisation. 

As an org admin, you can control expenditure by setting a licence cap to ensure your organisation doesn’t exceed its nominated expenditure.  

Org admins are not required to own a licence to perform their role. 

Org admin duties 

The duties of an org admin include: 

  • Ability to increase the cap on behalf of their organisation at any time. 

  • Manually allocate an available licence to a registered member on their organisation’s waitlist. 

  • Extract a list of all members for their organisation. 

  • Move a licence from one member to another. 

  • Block an employee from their organisation from being allocated a licence. 

  • Suspend a member from their organisation by removing their licence (e.g. to allocate to an employee on the waitlist). 

  • Manage the email domains that belong to their organisation. 

  • Edit organisation terms of use

Last modified: March 02, 2021