Share and co-author files

Share a file and work on it with your colleagues in real-time.

Share a file

Work together in your new online workspace! 

  1. Click attach under the textbox.
  2. Select the file location and the file you want.
  3. Depending on the location of the file, you’ll get options for uploading a copy, sharing a link, or other ways to share.

Co-author files

Work together in real-time!

  1. Find the file in the channel (or upload it).
  2. Click on the file.
  3. Click edit.
  4. Start working in the document.

You’ll be able to see a coloured icon that indicates where your colleague is working so you don’t duplicate effort!

Work with files

Check out all the files that are in communities! 

  1. Click the files icon on the left to see all files shared across all your communities or click files at the top of a channel to see all files shared in that channel.
  2. Click the 3 dots icon... next to a file to see what you can do with it. In a channel, you can instantly turn a file into a tab at the top!

Last modified: March 02, 2021