Your community details 

Your community details include: 

  • Community name
  • Tags 
  • Description
  • Community type
  • Nominated second owner

Community name

Choose a meaningful community name that is closely aligned with your content or subject matter. Community names can include only these special characters ()-:&_,’


Provide keywords to allow users to search and find your community.


Provide a detailed description of your community’s content and activities. Use keywords that make your community more accessible to find and ascertain whether members should join your community. Community descriptions can only contain letters, numbers, spaces and the following special characters ( ) - : & _ , ’.

How to use this community 

Provide your members with an overview of how to make the most of this community. Call out important channels in your Team or folders to find key documents in SharePoint. Include links and format information to help new members know where to start. 

Community types

Select a community type designed around your requirements. You can create the following community types: 

  • Open – your community is discoverable, and any member can join. 

  • Private – your community is discoverable, but members will need to request to join. Don't forget, you'll need to approve these requests! 

  • Hidden – your community won't be discoverable, and you'll need to invite people to join. 

Nominated second owner

Don't forget the Terms & Conditions require you to have a minimum of two active Government community owners 


Last modified: March 02, 2021